12 Days of Christmas: Blessing My Husband

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This year for Christmastime, I wanted to bless my husband by doing something thoughtful for him. He is the perfect guy for me: strong, yet sensitive, affectionate and understanding. I love him so much, but I don’t often show it in his love language: words of encouragement.

I’m combining what I saw on All Our Days, and the idea of speaking words of encouragement to him. I know that the actual 12 days of Christmas begin on Christmas Day, but ours will run from December 13th through Christmas Eve. Each day my husband will receive a gift and often a note that tells him how much I respect and appreciate him.

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I’m going to share with you the ideas I’ve come up with so far. I even printed out the cards Allyson from All Our Days came up with. (They’re about 2 1/2 inches square.)


12 Days of Christmas: Blessing My Husband

Day 1: One MercyMe album. This is one of his favorite bands of all time, and he has had this cd on his Amazon wishlist for awhile. I decided to make this day a slightly bigger gift. I’m going to include a note talking about How I’m so glad we share a love of music. 🙂 Since he is the first to get up and shower, I’ll leave it on the bathroom counter with a note.


Day 2: Two work shirts or a pair of nice socks. (Since I’m on a budget, I’ll try to look for nicer shirts at Salvation Army.) He recently (in the last month) has gotten a new job and working full time for this newer company. In my note I’m going to communicate how I’m so grateful that he is joyfully working full time to support his family! I will put a note on his dresser and hang the shirts in the closet.


Day 3: Date to 3 Spoons – on me! We share a love of ice cream – enough said. 🙂 That night he is directing a play at our church. I will at some point slip a note into his things inviting him on the date after the show.


Day 4: 4 random encouraging notes with 4 pieces of his favorite candy (twix) attached. Since this is a Sunday, it’s the perfect day to sprinkle these notes throughout the day.


Day 5: 5 brand new blades. I’m gifting him a new 5 blade razor. I leave it on the bathroom counter with a note.


Day 6: 6-pack of Pepsi. (Unless I can think of anything else…ideas?)


Day 7: ?? This day we are going to our third appointment with the midwife, so I want to give him something related to being a Dad, but I don’t have any ideas that are related to the number 7. Any ideas?


Day 8: 8 chocolate dipped pretzel rods – a treat he enjoys rarely.


Day 9: ?? I probably will give him 9 coupons for something. I’m still brainstorming…


Day 10: 10 e-cards. I just want to shower him with words of encouragement this day!! I know as New Year’s Eve approaches, his job is going to get more stressful.


Day 11: 11 things I respect and love about him. I will post this on my blog and send him a text about it.


Day 12: 12 homemade cookies. I don’t make cookies very much, so this is something he asks for on special occasions. I will bake them while he is at work so they are fresh when he gets home!


I would love to hear any ideas you all have!!

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  1. Cute idea! I did something like this last year for my husband, but I did it as an advent calendar. There was a new card for every day and some days were just things I love about him, some days were little gifts, and some days were fun date night activities. He really loved it and I’m sure your husband will love yours!

    It’s a little cheesy, but maybe for Day 7 list 7 things about him that you know will make him a great dad, or 7 reasons your excited to be new parents with him?
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    • That’s a great idea, and one I may do next year. This year got a little expensive, so next year I may include gifts on only some days, we will see.

  2. What a great idea. I would love to do something like that but am totally broke! 🙁

  3. For day 7 you could make a card or something of the sort telling him the baby is “lucky” to have him as a dad. I’m doing the 12 days for my husband as well. For day 9 I am giving my husband a list of 9 bible verses about love and marriage. HTH 🙂
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    • Thanks for your suggestion!! I decided on giving him sticky notes throughout the day of 7 reasons why he will make a good dad. Then, with the last note, I had a bottle of Sparking Spumante. (because the Golden Spumante wine is one of our favorites)