Self-discipline: My 2013 Word of the Year

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I’ve been doing some thinking on last year’s goals. I was very ambitious in my list and did not complete almost half of my goals. Though I did make some progress and it’s good to map out where you want to go. I just was to ambitious in what I wanted to take on at a time.

Tomorrow I will post last year’s goals recap and this year’s goals. I know I definitely want to cut back on the number of goals I make this year. I want them to be more specific and easier to evaluate whether or not I’m staying on track. Finally, I’ve learned that sometimes my priorities and goals change (like when I got pregnant). I don’t know what motherhood is going to entail completely and it would be hard to set goals for this whole year, since I will have a baby in June. So, I’ve decided to set goals for a few months at a time, instead of the whole year.

Before I get into what goals I’ve specifically decided on (and so that this post is not so-long-it-will-put-you-to-sleep), I want to share what I’ve been thinking on my focus word for this year.


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My word focus for the year is self-discipline.

Self-discipline doesn’t just happen. I cannot acquire this virtue by my own strength. But, the good thing is that since Scripture requires self-control from every believer (Titus 2), it is obviously attainable by every Christian through God’s strength.

My mind-set needs to change about the word self-discipline. I want to see it as a virtue. I want to see it as a protective wall.

“A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.” Proverbs 25:28

Self-discipline is a virtue that spares us from sin’s negative consequences. Think about it. When we overly indulge in sweets, it’s because we greedy for something that tastes good. I’m definitely greedy when it comes to sugar sometimes. When we buy that outfit even though we can’t afford it, it’s because we covet new clothes. Our enjoyment of sin won’t last long and the consequences will come.

In the past: I’ve resolved to give up sweets for weeks at a time, but my sweet tooth always comes back. I’ve made small steps of progress in having self-discipline when I eat, but focus I’ve always had is on what I can’t eat or shouldn’t eat. I want to focus on the positive.

New goal: Mindful Eating

From the beginning of this pregnancy, I’ve been mindful of what I’ve been putting into my body, because I want to make sure the baby is getting all it needs. I’ve had to remind myself to take the prenatal pills; I’ve tried to eat more protein and calcium. In the first trimester sugar wasn’t very appealing to me (yes!!), but come 2nd trimester my sweet tooth returned.

I want to resolve to:

– Before I eat anything, offer thanks to God for His provision

– Be mindful of the nourishment/benefit that the food will give me (or not give me if it’s potato chips, ice cream, etc.)


Tomorrow I’ll share my goals for the first few months of 2013!!


2 Responses

  1. David Barfield

    Interesting. I picked up a book called Mindless Eating at the library (and bought a copy after looking it over). He talks about how we make about 200 choices a day related to food and much eating we do without thinking about it. While I don’t think he (or I) would argue with the benefits of eating mindfully, the book also has some strategies for improving our mindless eating.


    • Hmmm – I would be curious to hear some of the strategies. We’ll have to talk over dinner some time. 🙂