2013 Monthly Goals: January – March

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Yesterday I shared with you my word for 2013: self-discipline and why I chose it. I’m definitely excited for the fresh, new start that January brings. Last year I was overly ambitious with my goals list and this year I have decided that instead of yearly goals, I want to just focus on monthly goals. Who knows what the year may bring?

I promised you a recap of how I failed succeeded in some of my goals. 🙂 I do have a good attitude about it. Without taking time to set goals – how would I know what direction to work towards? Here is how I did on last year’s goals:




Wife/Marriage Goals

Go on a planning weekend (overnight trip with hubby for planning, talking, goal accountability)
Have monthly date nights – I actually didn’t keep track, but I’m almost 100% sure we did go on a date at least every month, sometimes a couple times a month. Without kids, this is easier. We will see what this year will bring. 🙂
– Read at least two books on marriage – We only read one.
– Ask my husband daily: “Is there anything I can do for you today?” – No, this is a tough one to remember.
Complete Resolutions for Women

Home Management Goals

Organize and clean out each room in the house – Yes, and I named it Project Declutter! Of course, with a baby coming, we have more organizing and decluttering to do!
– Take on one organizational or decor project each week
– Weekly cook something for the freezer – No, I have not done this. I need to be more organized in my menu planning. With a baby coming up, this is probably a goal I will try again on in the future.
Add shelves to the basement – Yep, and I blogged about it!
Clear out garage sale items – Yes, and we held a garage sale.
– Take out carpet in basement? – No, we decided against this when we moved our office to the basement.

Personal Goals

– Finish Reading through the Bible in a year – Failed. We haven’t figured out the logistics of reading the Bible as a couple, since my husband’s scheduled changed so much this year. Well, and honestly, we didn’t make this a priority. 🙁
Read through 1 book each month – Yes, thanks to being in a book club!
Finish the 30 Day Shred
Complete the Couch to 10K program – We completed this as a couple last spring!
Run in at least one 5K race – We ran in 1 5K race.
– Focus on one habit at a time – I didn’t do this consistently. I piled on the habits and goals, especially after reading the book The Happiness Project. Sometimes I just get too excited about setting goals.
– Weekly talk to my sisters and mom on the phone Nope

Blogging Goals

– Blog about one recipe each week I did this in the summer, but dropped it part way through the year.
Follow my weekly blogging plan
– Plan blog posts out at least a week in advance I did not always do this.
– Write and schedule blog posts a couple of days in advance – No, my October series I was writing post the night before many times.
Improve blog appearance and navigation
Construct a new header – My sister helped with this!
– Develop Blog Buddies Not really.
– Guest post at least 6 times – Not even close!

I did however, host my first giveaway, create a recipe tab and advertise for sponsors on the blog!! Three things I didn’t set as a goal at the beginning of the year, but still accomplished!!



So, after some thinking, praying, collaborating, I’ve narrowed down the things I want to accomplish the next few months. With each goal I’ve set some sort of reminder and/or picked a day to work on that goal. I’m hoping that with this purposefulness, all I need with it is self-discipline and motivation and it will get done! Here are my 2013 Monthly Goals for January through March:

Faith Focus: Self-discipline

1) Mindful Eating: Before I eat anything, 1)Offer thanks to God for His provision, and 2)Be mindful of the nourishment/benefit that the food will give me (or not give me if it’s potato chips, ice cream, etc.). I’ve set an alarm reminder on my phone for all meals. Hopefully this will help re-establish this habit I used to have.

2) God First: Daily reading God’s word definitely takes discipline. Since I’m pregnant, my plan is to start eating breakfast with my hubby first thing after I get up, then as soon as he leaves for work, I will switch gears to reading the Bible/journaling. I will also work on my 30 before 30 goal of memorizing Colossians during this time.

3) Exercise: This Christmas break, I have been exercising every weekday morning, and I want to continue to workout to a prenatal exercise video right after I’m done cleaning up the breakfast dishes. I think I can continue this morning routine for the next 3 months.

Family Focus: Baby Preparation

1) Finish reading Parenting with Love and Logic and start reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart with my husband. (Read a chapter a week, then discuss together on Saturdays)

2) Take childbirth class(es) together. (maybe in Feb.?)it always seems impossible until it is done

3) Go on a planning weekend with my husband (overnight trip with hubby for planning, talking, goal accountability). (in March)

Home Management Focus: Declutter & Organize

1) As we put away our Christmas decor, get rid of what we didn’t use and declutter/reorganize basement. (This Saturday)

2) Declutter and organize the baby’s room. (I’ve been working on it this week.)

3) Take on one organizational or decor project each week (Tuesdays)

Personal Focus: 30 before 30

1) Read Declutter your Life and Tell your time: How to Manage your schedule. (Fridays)

2) Send birthday cards out to family and friends on their birthdays. (In the first week of the month, I will get every card for that month ready to send.)

3) Work on my 30 before 30 list. Here are the goals I want to accomplish (or get a start on for Jan. – March):

4. Finish the two quilts I have started. – I am going to cheat and see if I can pay someone to finish these quilts. Since becoming pregnant my priorities have shifted some. So, I will find someone to complete the quilts for me by next week if I can.

6. Go on a classic American road trip. – Maybe incorporate this in with the planning weekend? (March?)

9. Visit an IKEA. – Maybe incorporate this in with the planning weekend and the above goal? (March?)

15. Play & Sing for a talent show and maybe even record it! (March)

22. Add wainscoting to the baby’s room and paint. (Feb.)


Whew! Does that seem like a simpler list than last year? I hope with the reminders and setting aside specific day it is more achievable!

What are your goals for this year? Or this month?



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  1. For January, my goals is to keep all the Christmas stuff.
    and preparing for February’s love theme.

  2. A great list! Very attainable! I wanted to mention that I love the Love & Logic concepts and highly recommend another of their books – Love & Logic Magic for Early Childhood. It takes the ideas from the other book and makes them applicable to birth thru 6 years.
    Carrie @ In the sweet sunshine recently posted…Since everybody else is doing it…My Profile

    • Good, glad you think it’s attainable. I showed it to my husband before posting and he thought it looked good. We will definitely have to check out that book!! Thanks!

  3. Good luck with your 2013 goals. Can’t wait to see your road trip!
    Jenny recently posted…One Word Buttons for 2013My Profile