25 days of Working Towards Simple Living (Minimalism)

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May/June Project: SimplifySimple Living ebook

Or, as I may call it: 25 days of Working Towards Simple Living

I started reading Simple Living by Lorilee Lippincott – so good! Lorilee breaks different areas in life down into 30 days in which you get rid of stuff, organize, or simplify your life. I love some her tips of how to minimize what comes into the home and what stays in the home!

***Check out my new series – Project Declutter – in which I spend 31 days decluttering the whole house!!***

Because of my busy schedule in May, I’m planning on working on this on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in May, then every week day in June until I’m finished.

If you are interested in purchasing this ebook and joining me in this project, right now there is a GREAT deal going on in which you can buy 97 practical and uplifting ebooks for $30 (Simple Living included – this week only)!!

Here is the break down of what I’ll be focusing on:

Today: Writing down the goals and dreams I have for a simple. What that looks like for me.

Week of May 6th:
– Underneath (going through the sock and underwear drawer)
– Clear off counters in Kitchen
– Incoming (dealing with stuff that comes into the home and home to limit it)

Week of May 13th:
– Outgoing (set up a donate box, sell box, give away box)
– On the fridge (taking everything off the fridge)
– Time (how I spend it)

Week of May 20th:
– Money (use the Dave Ramsey tool)
– Routine (cleaning and picking up routine)
– Limiting Social Media
– Clean out the car

Week of May 27th:
– Menu (set up menu routines)
– Email inbox (organizing and regulating)
– Junk Spaces (drawers, purse)
– Dead Plants (dealing with excess)
– Dead Plants 2

Week of June 3rd:
– Friends and time with them
– Bedroom floor clutter
– Libraries (go through books and magazines)
– Decluttering Consumables in bath, kitchen, office
– Organizing the File Cabinet

Week of June 10th:
– Walls (it’s either clutter or something I love)
– Pictures
– Homeless items (creating space for them)
– Pictures 2
– Evaluation and vision statement

Day 1: Dream

Lorilee had several excellent questions in her ebook, but the ones I focused on asking myself were:

1) What do I want my minimalist house to look like?

A Place for Everything and Everything in it’s Place! That’s probably my big motto I repeat to myself a lot. You would think I would have less piles in my home, but it’s a constant struggle. So, I decided to list each room in the house and what the “ideal” description of that room would be. I won’t get all of this done in the next month and a half, but these are the dreams I’m working towards:


Bedroom – less on the furniture, less books I haven’t read on Minimalismthe shelves, organized space for clothes we wear (getting rid of stuff we don’t use)

Nursery – organized so I can see everything, no excess toys or gadgets, keep in mind leaving room for a 2nd kid (so some emptiness)

Bathroom – no excess products, chemical-free products, less on counters

Living Room – less on furniture, practical use of room under coffee table, change pictures on the walls

Kitchen – organized command center, re-organize and re-evaluate what I’m storing in cabinets, less on fridge and counters

Family Room – no piles, less books we have not read

Office – no piles, go through file cabinet, use excess file space for storing

Guest Bathroom – “luxury” items for guests, rug for toilet, towel rack?

Basement Storage – nothing on concrete floors, bins labeled, re-evaluate what we are storing

2) What do I want my schedule to look like?

Since I’m giving birth soon, I have no idea how that is going to affect my schedule, so this is roughly what I’ll want it to look like this summer/fall.

Morning routine: Breakfast, Quiet Time, exercise (eventually I’ll work this in the schedule), baking or cleaning or organizing project

Afternoon: Rest, then Work or Hobby/blog?

Evening: Prepare Dinner (utilize freezer cooking), Walk with hubby, Time with hubby


So, come back Monday for Day 2: Underneath (cleaning out the sock and underwear drawer)


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