30 before 30 Completed…practically!

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A year ago now, I posted my 30 before 30 bucket list. Little did I know that I would find out in less than a week that I was pregnant! That changed some of my priorities. So today I give you the 30 before 30 list that I did complete before my 30th birthday!

**If you want to make a similar list, I would encourage you to check out the original post, as it has some printables for making your own 30 before 30 list!

30 before 30-3

My husband and I took a trip to Colorado the weekend before my birthday, just to knock out some of these 30 before 30s! That’s right, I just made “30 before 30” into a noun. The trip was so much fun and the weather was GORGEOUS! We’ll have to move to Colorado some day.

Here’s my official 30 before list with commentary:

1. Start writing a children’s book. – Yes, it’s entitled “Mom! I’m stuck.” And yes, my sister did give me permission to write about her life. 😉

2. Take a cooking class (or watch a cooking demonstration). – My husband and I attended a cooking demonstration at Sur La Table on making pizzas. Since we make homemade pizza almost on a weekly basis, this was right up our ally.


3. Learn a new dance (perhaps Argentine Tango). – YES, while pregnant I learned the basics of Tango. So fun!

4. Finish the two quilts I have started. – Yes, I paid someone else to finish the quilts.

5. Go swing dancing in the mile high city! – It had been so long since Matt and I had gone swing dancing before this last weekend. I enjoyed it so much!!


6. Go on a classic American road trip. camping in Colorado Yes, my husband and I took a trip to Colorado the weekend before my 30th birthday! We brought our camping gear and decided to wing it each night!

7. Get married and become a mom (even if that means just getting pregnant). – DONE!

8. Tend my own garden & cook a meal completely using my home-grown produce. – Well, since I got pregnant and would be big come planting and growing season I chose not to garden this year. But my mother-in-law has been giving me produce and I recently have been cooking meals using that produce (Tomato Basil Pasta and Pasta Alla Norma). So I consider this done.

9. Visit an IKEA. – Yes, on our weekend trip to Colorado we visited IKEA. I might have a separate post all on my favorite things from the showroom at IKEA. 🙂



10. Go Biking in Colorado. – Yep!

biking in Colorado

11. Take belly dancing lessons (or practice with a DVD regularly for several weeks). – while pregnant I did do some of the routines, but not for long.

12. Learn to drive stick. – Yep!

13. Start my own business – last school year I worked 30 hours/wk. teaching piano, Chemistry, and tutoring! This year I’m continuing with teaching piano out of my home.

14. Host 3-5 dinner parties. – We’ve been having couples from our church over to our house for dinner a couple of times, plus we hosted our annual New Year’s Eve Party.

15. Watch a sunset and a sunrise over the mountains. – Yep! More pictures from biking:


16. Maintain my weight (and until I get pregnant, start working on losing 10 pounds). – yes, I was able to do this. And I’m almost back down to my pre-pregnancy weight!

17. Finish the Couch to 5K program (and run a 5K). – yes, last year before getting pregnant

18. Start a ‘frugal club’ or something similar. – well, I’m now in a mom’s group and I hope to start a monthly DIY/Homemaking meeting as a spin-off to that.

19. Grow out my hair (to half way down my back). – yep! However, shortly before giving birth I decided to cut it. Then a couple of weeks ago I cut it even shorter.

20. Go Geocaching.



21. Blog regularly for another year!

22. Add wainscoting to the spare room (in preparation for baby). – decided to paint the nursery instead.

23. Complete the 30 Day Shred in 30 days! – done (before I got pregnant)CameraZOOM-20120112092152530

24. Go on a cruise.

25. See the Grand Canyon.

26. Create a YouTube channel.

27. Read and discuss 4 books with my husband. – read Love and Respect, Watership Down, Love and Logic, and Ender’s Game. We have partially read Shepherding a Child’s Heart, The Birth Partner, and The Wonder Weeks together.

28. Teach a high school class (even though I’m an elementary education major).

29. Try out canning. Canned some pickles and strawberry jam.


easy canned pickles

30. Do 30 acts of kindness during the week of my 30th birthday! – Doing 30 Acts of Kindness with a 3-month old is hard to do! Everyone wants to be helping me out, because I have a young baby. I’m still working through my list. I’ll let you know when I have completed it and list them all then.

– What is on your bucket list?
– Were you able to do at least 1 act of kindness this month? What was it?


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  1. My 30th is coming up here soon! I have kicked around coming up with 30 things to do, but I just haven’t done it. I like your list. Practical but stretching.