31 Days of Developing as a Leading Lady

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Hello! Welcome to A Mother’s Road blog. If you are new here, let me just quickly introduce myself.

me and my boys
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I’m Betsy, wife to Matt and mother to 2 boys under the age of 2 1/2. I’ve just started totschool with the oldest and baby lead weaning with the youngest. I was homeschooled all the way through and I plan on homeschooling my kids. I’m a stay at home mom who is working on becoming accredited as a doula. I love all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum! Hit me up with any questions you have, and I’d love to hear your stories!!!

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My husband and I are emerging leaders in our church and I wanted to do this series on developing as a leading lady to mainly benefit myself. I want to challenge myself to become an expert on these topics I’m addressing:

Becoming grounded in my faith, practicing hospitality, teaching my children, encouraging other women, pursuing my husband, making the best use of my time, and stopping to rest.

Day 2: What it means to be a Leading Lady

Day 3: What is means to be a Leading Lady Part 2


Preparing the Heart for Hospitality

Hospitality = Unusual Kindness and Love

Hospitality Ideas for the Holidays


Making the Most of my Time: Roles

Thinking Outside the Box to Maximize my Time

Reclaiming My Mornings



What it means to be a Disciple of Christ

Mini-series: Christ’s Plan – The Church,
Belonging to a Family of Families,
Living Within a Family of Families,
Setting Life Priorities 


Becoming a student of Your Husband

New Mindset that with Change my Life

Community of Women

The Need to Gather as Women


The Need for a Day of Rest

Stop the “Draining Mommy” Cycle


Bonus: The Things that are Saving my Life Right Now

Seasonal Meal Planning