Dating Dimes: Spontaneous-filled cheap date!!

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Celebrating our 10 months of marriage that started on 10/10/10 My husband and I pretty spontaneously decided to go out on a date to celebrate our 10 month anniversary, since Matt might have shows on our 1 year anniversary date. … Continued

Saturday fun: Picking grapes at the BlueJacket Crossing Vineyard!!

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Since I had a friend from out of town visit me this weekend, I spent time looking at all the possible activities we could participate in. I regularly get emails from Pendleton’s Country Market (I’m waiting for another time in which they have the you-pick-and-keep-half-for-free … Continued

Menu Planning Monday: Week of 8/15

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 This week is when it starts to get busier again in our household! I start substitute teaching again, and Sylvan work has switched back to evenings. Since my Tuesdays and Thursdays will especially be busy days, I will be scheduling … Continued

Chicago Trip! – Dining Experience

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As I talked about back in June, we purchased four gift cards ahead of time. Unlike Lawrence, Chicago has hundreds of restaurants listed on We pick out four we wanted to try, spending a total of $11 on the gift cards worth $100!! … Continued

Chicago Trip! – (Take it on Tuesday project postponed)

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With our recent trip to Chicago for a Theatre Conference, I did not get the headboard project completed. Sad. However, I DO have pictures from our trip that I thought I would share!   We spent our spare time walking … Continued

Take it on Tuesday: Closet Project Done!

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Pinterest Who cares if a closet is not beautiful? Many people buy pretty things without realizing that organization makes a home prettier. I’m so excited to use the Take it on Tuesday posts as a motivator to get my home more organized! Instead of worrying … Continued

Homemade Gyros with Easy Tzatziki Sauce

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This is such a quick and easy, delicious, healthy meal!! (And my husband loves it too – can’t go wrong!!) I’ll show you the recipe, and then let you know on some shortcuts I took. Here is a link to the recipe, … Continued

Two Recipes and a Truth

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Recipe #1: In my spare time (as I’ve gotten less sub calls over these winter weeks of snow days), I’ve been on the internet a lot, reading blogs. There is SOO much out there!! I pulled a recipe from Two … Continued