Baby Boy: 10 months

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Dear Ain,

Oh no – you are 10 1/2 months already – I’m late again!!!

Ain meets puppy


Weight: We think you are just a little over 18 lbs now and you seem to be so long!! (We’ll just have to see how long at your next appointment.)

2014-04-07 15.02.27

Sleep: Sleep is still going well – you pretty consistently sleep through the night – waking maybe once at 5am and sometimes you sleep all the way until 7am!! If you do wake at 5am, I feed you and then you go back to sleep for a couple of hours. 🙂 You usually fall asleep between 7:30 and 8pm at night and wake up for the day about 12 hours later.


Social: You really are learning by interacting with people! You are good at the imitating game. When we go to our weekly playdate you mostly just observe the other kids first, then do a lot of “talking.”


Diet: Still mainly breastmilk, but you have really increased the amount of solids you are eating. We aim for at least two meals a day, and sometimes give you three. You tried your first peanut butter and jelly sandwich and LOVED it! Grapefruit and orange are still favorites with you, as is steamed carrots. You love to talk while eating…

 You have the pincher grip down really well!!

2014-04-11 15.14.21-2

Likes: Daddy!! You LOVE the way Daddy plays with you and gets you to laugh and tosses you in the air! When ANYONE picks you up and talks to you or sings to you, observing, smiling, the pacifier, YOUR FEET, your caterpillar and lamby, eating solids, talking to others, and playing with Daddy and Momma.

2014-04-21 18.13.09

Dislikes: Sometimes you fuss during a diaper change. Mostly you cry when you are tired, hungry or bored! And even though we are trying to get you to sign “more” food, or to tell us you are hungry, you still fuss a lot while signing the first sign we taught you – “milk”!!


Playing: You are learning to play and be content very well on your own!! You peruse books, talk to the ceiling or lights, bang blocks together, or roll your truck around! Once, when we put you down for a nap, you even got into a little bit of trouble….

We definitely had to move that monitor cord!
We definitely had to move that monitor cord!

Firsts & Milestones:

  • March 27th – you are showing your preferences while nursing. You need to either fully sit up (no cradle hold nonsense), or your favorite position is lying on your back.
  • Mach 28th – you said “hi” to Nana over the phone.
  • March 31st – graduated to a new “luxury” car seat!!

2014-03-31 13.47.16


  • April 4th – You got to try chicken and pasta together:



  • April 5th – clapped for the first time!!
  • April 7th – showing excitement while reading – “dancing” when I first turn each page!
  • April 8th – sounded like you verbally said the word “milk”!
  • April 9th – said “mama”, but it sounded more like “baba”. You are also trying to push up on your hands and knees.
  • April 12th – interacting with Bingley



  • April 15th – gave a high five to Momma!!
  • April 19th – Had your first lemonade stand at our garage sald and played in your first tent!!

2014-04-19 14.21.01

2014-04-19 12.33.11









  • April 22nd – Rolled a ball back to Momma. You also played “catch” using your pacifier with Daddy!

You are growing up too fast!!

2014-04-01 16.02.14


We love you, little man!

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  1. Marmee

    Wow he has really changed! I, too, Love you Little Man!