Baby Boy: 11 months

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Dear Ain,

photo credit - Ad Astra Photography
photo credit – Ad Astra Photography

Mobility: You are starting to get more mobile!! You are a rolling maniac now – rolling in both directions!! You can also scoot backwards on your tummy, but then get stuck since you can’t move forwards.


Sleep: Because of your activity – sleeping during the day is hard for you now. You just want to practice rolling and moving about. It takes you a long time to settle down. You have gotten your legs stuck between the bars on your crib several times.

2014-05-01 15.23.38

At night you sleep well – except for that week and a half of teething – that was rough!! Your top two teeth came in 2 days apart and are very big!


Play: You are learning to play and be content very well on your own!! You peruse books, talk to the ceiling or lights, bang blocks together, or roll your truck around! You love to bang on and dance with your toys that make music!! Of course – you take after your dad in that you are very interested in our technology and any cords you see you want to pull on and examine. You even found a “laptop” you loved when we were visiting a friend’s house this month.


When Momma stuffs and sorts your cloth diapers, you like to grab them and throw them any which way:




Social:You really are learning by interacting with people! You are good at the imitating game. When we go to our weekly playdate you mostly just observe the other kids first, then do a lot of “talking.”

You also participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Change – and we helped to break a new record for the Guinness book of world records in getting as many kids as possible to be changed into a reusable diaper in 24 hrs WORLDWIDE.


Diet: Still mainly breastmilk, but you have really increased the amount of solids you are eating. We aim for at least two meals a day, and sometimes give you three. You tried your first peanut butter and jelly sandwich and LOVED it! Grapefruit and orange are still favorites with you, as is steamed carrots.

2014-05-16 19.30.50

Likes: This month it seems you like to be in Momma’s arms more, but you still love to play with Daddy!! You love dancing to music, being swung around, talking, eating, and banging your toys together.


Dislikes: Mostly you just cry when you are tired, hungry or bored! Sometimes you have been fussy when Momma is around and she is not holding you. (It’s only happened a handful of times and it’s probably a developmental phase.)


Firsts & Milestones:

  • April 26th – Participated in the Great Cloth Diaper change and started scooting backwards by pushing off your hand.
  • May 4th – Attended your first ever Acapella concert: Genuine Imitation!



  • May 8th – Repeating Daddy when he said, “yes” and “uh-oh”. Also – took a walk with Momma:



  • May 10th – Said “yeah” in response to Daddy saying “yeah”
  • May 11th – Mother’s day!!

Mother's day


  • May 12th – Started clapping to mean “more” when eating solids.
  • May 15th – Waved “bye-bye” with knowledge of what he was doing!!
  • May 18th – Top left tooth popped through!! First time in the swing!!

2014-05-18 18.06.53


  • May 22nd – Top right tooth broken through the gums!
  • May 22nd – Going from tummy to sitting up for the first time!

2014-05-22 15.25.56


  • May 23rd – You started pulling up to your knees:

2014-05-23 13.39.51


May 25th – First time in cold water – swimming pool!!

summer fun


And we went to the playground afterwards!!



You are growing up too fast!!


We love you, little man!