Baby Boy: 6 months

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WARNING!! Get ready for a WHOLE lot of cuteness!!

Dear Ain,

Wow – it’s crazy how much you change in a month! You are now 6 months old and SUCH a joy!! We have definitely settled into a routine for nap times and bedtime. And there have been a LOT of fun firsts this month!


We can see that you keep growing and growing – every single day!  You have reached great milestones:

  • can perceive the distance between one thing and another
  • can play with something using both hands, will transfer object from hand to hand
  • you study objects/faces intently
  • you can select a toy to play with
  • make connections between actions and words: you understand the word and sign for “milk”
  • playing peek-a-boo
  • exploring the sounds you can make – shrieking LOUDLY now!
  • sitting up pretty well while being supported and leaning against Momma or Daddy
  • you flinch in anticipation when we are playing the tickle game
  • opening your mouth and moving towards food and pushing away when you’ve had enough
  • bringing food and objects up to your mouth
Love those dimples!!
Love those dimples!!

Weight/Height: You definitely have been taking after both of your parents – you are so long!! You weigh 15 lbs, 9 oz. and are almost 27 inches long! You are just now starting to wear some 6-month sized clothes.

2013-12-25 07.55.00

Sleep: You are awake a lot more during the day now. You just take two to three naps. I basically watch you for signs that you are tired and put you down for a nap right away. I can now put you in your crib awake and you will fall asleep within 10 minutes!! Earlier this month we had to use the Ergo to get you to fall asleep each night, but the last few weeks you are falling asleep on your own!! (Part of what worked is just moving your naptime back a little – You go to sleep between 7:30 and 8pm. And part of what worked was waiting until you were tired to put you in your crib.)

Social: This Christmas you did very well with all the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, dogs, and cats! In fact, lately you have noticed and interacted with the animals a little.


You are a great listener and give the biggest grins when anyone is giving attention to you!

2013-11-30 13.30.25


Diet: Breastmilk only until you turned 6 months – then we got to try some solids!! The first food we put in front of you was Avocado, Apple, and Cucumber.

2013-12-24 14.06.55

You loved it. We soon got rid of the plate in front of you…


2013-12-24 14.09.49

Likes: When ANYWONE picks you up and talks to you or sings to you, observing, smiling, the pacifier, YOUR FEET, your caterpillar and lamb, talking to others, and “exercising” with Daddy and Momma. You love kisses on the neck – that’s what has gotten you to laugh the most!!

On Christmas Day you LOVED playing with the wrapping paper! That was the best present!


Dislikes: Being tired, hungry or bored – those are the main 3 reasons why you cry!

Firsts & Milestones:

  • Nov. 27th – Playing peek-a-boo with Momma – able to pull cloth from your face
  • Nov. 30th – Grinning and reaching for the dogs
  • Dec. 2nd – Sitting up in the high chair!!

2013-12-02 13.15.00

  • Dec. 3rd – Practiced grabbing objects while sitting up. You also used the consonant b while babbling today!
  • Dec. 6th – You sat up for the first time for just a few seconds!! You are very interested when we are drinking water and want to bring the cup or water bottle to your mouth.
  • Dec. 8th – You started reaching with both hands and opening your mouth towards a cookie I was eating.
  • Dec. 10th – Watching cars go by while siting in your highchair!
  • Dec. 11th – You are becoming a pro at rolling over onto you back (7 times in a row!!)
  • Dec. 16th – Spend some time practicing transferring an object from hand to hand. Favorite past-time this week was screaming for joy right before bedtime!
  • Dec. 21st – Christmas gathering with friends:



  • Dec. 24th – First time eating solid food – Avocado, Apple, and Cucumber!
  • Dec. 25th – Made your first hand-print ornament! Christmas with family!



2013-12-25 12.00.50

2013-12-26 10.32.35










Momma loved the new gifts: chewbeads, babylegs, bomber hat, and a sweater carrier cover!!


2013-12-25 16.22.52

2013-12-26 11.42.06cr











More Christmas fun!!











2013-12-25 15.12.21




We love watching you grow and change every day!!

Love you, little man!

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