Baby Boy: 8 months

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Dear Ain,

7 1/2 months


Another late post – next week you will be 9 months, but I wanted to record everything you’ve done by 8 months! Here are some milestones that you have reached:

  • you are sitting up on your own really well now!!IMG_20140131_120643
  • you communicate frequently and have said “Da da, Daddy, Ain, and hi!”
  • you definitely communicate your likes and dislikes and push something away from your face or bring it to your mouth
  • you can select a toy to play with
  • you use the “milk” sign frequently – seems like it’s more to communicate “I want”. For instance, you will use it to get our attention and for us to pick you up, not necessarily because you want milk.


Sleep: Sleep is still going well – we are so grateful for that! You are transitioning to waking only once a night. You slept up to 9 1/2 hours one night!! Then after eating you went back to sleep for almost another 3 hours. You usually fall asleep between 7:30 and 8pm and wake up for the day about 12 hours later.

Social: You really are learning by interacting with people! One time your Aunt Amy was making higher and lower popping sounds with her mouth. You studied her mouth for a long time and make similar higher and lower popping sounds!! All the little girls at church fawn over you and you are happy in the church nursery, or when others are holding you!


Diet: Mainly breastmilk, with solids just about once a day on average. You have tried avocado, apple, cucumber, sweet potato fries, orange, grapefruit, veggie straws, banana, green pepper, steamed carrot, pear, broccoli, lettuce, graham crackers, veggie straws, toast, and steak! When you see me eating breakfast you fuss until I give you something to eat. (I’m going to do a post on baby led weaning and why we are doing it soon!)

2014-02-25 05.42.18

Likes: When ANYONE picks you up and talks to you or sings to you, observing, smiling, the pacifier, YOUR FEET, your caterpillar and lamby, eating solids, talking to others, and “exercising” with Daddy and Momma. You love playing with anything that makes sound:


Dislikes: Not being able to eat what Momma and Daddy are eating. Being tired, hungry or bored – those are the main 3 reasons why you cry! And teething, but teething hasn’t been too bad so far…

Firsts & Milestones:

  • Jan. 29th – First time sitting up in grocery cart and now you are sitting pretty well on your own!!


  • Feb. 1st – You made the milk sign, I imitated and you did it again!
  • Feb. 2nd – You signed “milk” on two different occasions when you wanted to eat!!
  • Feb. 5th – everyone agrees – you are definitely teething right now!
  • Feb. 6th – I had to ice your gums a bit so that you could eat.
  • Feb. 8th – photoshoot!! (pictures at the bottom of this post)
  • Feb. 14th – You leaned back in Momma’s arms and gave her a kiss for the first time!!


We love watching you grow and change every day – but we wish we could slow this time down a bit!! We love how interactive you have become! Here are pictures from your photoshoot (photos by Sarah Long from Joyful Photo:






We love you, little man!

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