Baby Boy Nursery

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So, if you’ve been following Romance on a dime you’ll know that we were expecting a Baby Girl. Weeks ago we completed her nursery – the colors were gray, yellow, and pink. I wanted it to be elegant and peaceful.

Then Baby Boy arrived – surprise!! We had so many girls’ clothes and girl stuff. My mom helped me pack it away. Thankfully, our family and friends have been very generous in giving us some boys’ clothes and other items.

I’m really glad we went with gray walls and had a lot of yellow in the room. We decided to replace all the pink in the room with blue. Let me show you some before and after photos.

glider corner

boy clothes












It helped that our glider was blue. I’m glad I didn’t cover it after all! We’ll probably hang some boyish things behind the glider. We kept the pink hangers – you can’t see them as much with the clothes hung on them, right?


Not much changed about the changing table corner. Instead of headbands hanging we’ve got Baby Boy’s hats:


To remind you, here is the girl version:

Baby Girl's room 2


And then the boy version. For the crib we’ve got Matt’s baby blanket!! I love that the color scheme fits into what I want – blue and yellow! I haven’t changed anything about the letters hanging over the crib yet – not sure I’m going to change a lot with that – maybe add blue as an accent somehow. We WILL spray paint the pink frame blue.

Baby Boy's nursery


The dresser still has the yellow and pink ties. I’m thinking of changing it to be some kind of rope, but I haven’t made time to look for anything yet. We got a white rug to replace the pink one. The below picture sums up the new nursery colors pretty well: gray, yellow, blue, and white! Still a peaceful nursery.



Our little guy still hasn’t slept in his crib yet, but we’ve got lots of friends waiting for him!



So, what do you think?

Have you ever just changed the color scheme a little for the next child?


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  1. Carole

    OMG! That is hysterical!

    You are so lucky that you picked colors you could switch up so easily. I think it looks even better as a boy’s room.