Babywearing with Baby #2

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You know what’s awesome? Babywearing.

You know what helps so much when you have two kids under 2, OR when your little one has reflux?














You know what makes babywearing even more easy and convenient?

A soothe shirt by Lalabu.


Isn’t it awesome? It’s a stylish shirt with a pocket for baby!! It’s so perfect, especially when babies are still at the newborn age. I love the feeling of having a newborn snuggled up against you, all safe and secure.

Full disclosure: Lalabu sent this soothe shirt to me for free so I could to try out and give a review on my blog. All opinions are mine.

I first saw the Soothe shirt on Instagram and I LOVED the idea!


What is a Soothe Shirt?

It’s a stylish shirt (which comes in 4 different colors) – picture below from lalabu


You can wear it on its own, or as a base layer. And, since you are already wearing it, then it’s super just to tuck baby inside the pocket whenever and go about your day!


It’s great to have when you are out and out. Instead of lugging the huge infant carseat everywhere, just take your baby out of the carseat, plop him in the pouch, and carry him snuggled right against you! I’ve spent many a peaceful, quiet shopping trip carrying my newborn.

I’ve talked about the benefits of babywearing before. And it’s so much better than carrying your infant around in the carseat.

Pros and ConsIMG_20150320_115020

So, let’s break it down into a pros and cons list.


  • so simple to put baby in the pouch by yourself
  • it’s small and easy to transport (even when you are not wearing it!)
  • if you are wearing it – you won’t forget it at home!
  • doesn’t take a learning curve to figure out how to put baby in (as some other wraps and carriers do)
  • baby is soothed and comfortable right on your chest
  • great quality of material that comes in several sizes and colors
  • always ready to use in seconds
  • it’s a nursing friendly top
  • can put baby to sleep
  • The company donates a $1 of every purchase to women in Africa through Kiva, and pays employees to work a full day at a women’s shelter instead of at Lalabu one day every week (more about the company below).



  • not completely “hands-free”
  • can only use with babies up to 15 pounds
  • not quite long enough for me, so I feel like I have to layer a tank under it to cover my waist
  • since the whole shirt is snug on me (which is what I want), then it’s not very easy to breastfeed wearing it (it’s still possible and I have done it on many occasions; it’s just not quite loose enough to be seamless)


I have been able to use it on SO MANY occasions – at church when I want Ebron to sleep peacefully, when I need to get Ain dressed for the day but I have to keep Ebron upright because I just fed him, etc.

I also like how the company got started and what it is doing. I’ll let you hear from Keri, founder of Lalabu, about how the company got started:

“In 2009 my husband and I took a trip to visit my aunt in Burkina Faso, Africa.  While there she took us to the village of Djibasso and we were hosted by Lalabu.  She had newborn twins and taught me how to wear her son on my back.  I was amazed at how easy and comfortable it was and decided when I had kids I would wear them like Lalabu did. Once back in the states I noticed the wraps and baby carriers here seemed so much more clunky, uncomfortable, and cumbersome than the simple baby wearing in Djibasso.  There had to be a better way! My husband and I set out to create a simple solution that allows moms to enjoy the benefits of wrapping their newborn without the complexity.  The Soothe Shirt™ does just that.”

IMG_20150317_230325 - Edited

Both the Soothie Shirt and Lalabu are a HUGE win for me and my growing family. I recommend it (and the Ergo with infant insert) for taking your baby with you as you travel down your own road in motherhood.


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