Christmas Tree Wall Clock

Christmas tree wall clock image

My Take it on Tuesday project: Christmas Tree Wall Clock

Remember my old wall clock? I love changing the theme with the seasons:



This spring and summer and I also added the pinwheel and flag wall clocks!




This Christmas I wanted to change things up a bit more….I wanted to change the shape of the clock – into a Christmas tree!! Now, it is still in process…



I took a little live greenery (maybe I’ll have to look for more – what I have is a little sparse) and added it to the frames:

2012-11-30 15.57.11


2012-11-30 16.11.08


I tried to arrange the frames to look like a Christmas tree.

As you can see below, it is still in process. I’ll have to add a star on top in the mirror, and maybe some Christmas ornaments to make it look more like a tree.



I’ll post it when it’s complete! (And the picture will be in better quality too – sorry, took this at night.)


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