Dating Dime: How to spend 1 day in St. Louis (or, how we did it)

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So, Monday evening we decided to take a spontaneous trip to St. Louis all day Wednesday because my husband’s FAVORITE BAND EVER was going to be there (birthday gift from me). Then, we used our anniversary money to make this our anniversary trip for this year! And we only had 1 day to plan!

how to spend 1 day in St. Louis


So, we were a little CRAZY. My husband worked both Tuesday and Thursday so we had 1 day in which to drive to St. Louis, enjoy it, and drive back. Since St. Louis is an almost 5 hour drive for us, we planned to leave at 5:30am!!

driving in the am


So, how did we plan this?

First: Set up our non-negotiables & did the research
  • Attend The Classic Crime concert. We were going for a concert that started at 6:30pm, and we would drive home after the concert. Thus saving the cost of staying anywhere. Plus, Matt had to be home for work the next museum image
  • Go to the City MuseumWe checked out the hours 9am-5pm and the prices – $12 entry, optional $5 for roof and $6 for aquarium.
  • Spend little on food. We decided to go out to eat for lunch and pack a dinner, as lunch would not cost as much money. We know we would check out to see if they had any restaurants we would be interested in. They had a promo code going on, so we were able to buy a $25 gift certificate for only $5!! (If you don’t know how to use, check out this post.)
Second: Plan out a rough schedule

Since the top three were our main priorities, we used google maps to see how far away from each other they were. We also looked at the map to see if there were any other nearby attractions. Here’s what we came up with:

Our schedule:

1) Go to a restaurant – we chose Cafe Eau – beautiful, gorgeous location (it’s a restaurant of a nice hotel). The lunch was very relaxing!



It’s our view incredible? We had their Toasted Beef Ravioli for an appetizer. AMAZING!

Toasted Beef Ravioli image


 2) Head to City Museum

We spent hours here and wore ourselves out!! It’s basically a 12-story building full of places to explore and climb about!

city museum climb image


 There were tunnels everywhere – between levels, above rooms, below rooms, under stages, etc.

city museum 1

 Since I climbed trees a lot when younger, this might be my favorite section:

city museum 2


Oh, no! I’m going to fall!

city museum 3


They had an underground cave section as well….which led to the 10-story slide! Look at all the stairs we had to walk up!!

city museum 4


There was an outside portion as well, with more slides and climbing areas. They had two planes that you could climb between. Then, on the rooftop they have a bus near the edge of the building, looking like it’s about to fall off:

city museum bus


There are so many other pictures I could show you – we took 181. The City Museum was  so fun – we had a swinging good time!!

city museum swing


3) The Classic Crime concert!!

This was not a disappointment either – well worth the time spent to drive to St. Louis! We saw The Classic Crime. (The lead singer from The Classic Crime, is also half of the husband/wife duo “The Vocal Few”, which I referenced in my first picture. You should check them out!)



It was a very intimate setting (it held about 70-80) and we stood in the first row!!



We stood right in front of the bass player.

the classic crime bass player


This was such a great time!!


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  1. Emily

    I’m so glad you both had a good time in the STL.Aren’t toasted ravioli good? Some people don’t get them or if you are outside STL are like “What?” Next time we’ll have to go hang out and have huge cupcakes somewhere. Thanks for the shout out.
    Emily recently posted…Five on Friday #2My Profile

    • Betsy Pool

      Yes, we LOVED the toasted ravioli. Matt wanted to try it, since he had read that St. Louis was famous for them. I would LOVE to go have a huge cupcake with you sometime. 🙂 I want to be planning my next St. Louis trip soon, although it probably won’t happen as soon as I like.

  2. Lydia

    This museum looks like a ton of fun! Not the typical museum. I might actually like to go here!

  3. Lili

    Wow! I bet you have had such a great time on that beautiful day! You look like little children while playing on that playground! Adorable!
    Lili recently posted…Kitörött a fogam?!My Profile

    • Betsy Pool

      Hahaha – we were commenting how doing something like this more often would keep us young. We were aching by the end of the day.