Day 29: Cleaning Appliances

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Welcome back to 31 Days to Building a Cleaning Routine!

Day 29: Cleaning Appliances

There are many things I won’t be able to touch on during this 31 day series. The main reason I wanted to write this 31 Day series is so that I would be motivated to build a cleaning routine myself, and stick to it for a month, or more. Now, I have not stuck to it perfectly, but I am still motivated to clean when I can.

By the end of the week, most of what I wanted cleaned is accomplished.

Secondly, I wanted to rid my house of all the cleaning chemicals I had been using and find natural cleaners to replace them. I have done a good job at it and I’m very pleased with the progress!! I have learned that just baking soda and vinegar will take care of so much!!




Here are some more tips on how to clean without using harsh chemicals!


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How is your cleaning routine going? Any tips or questions?