Easy DIY Baby Legs Tutorial ~ Mustache Edition

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So, my husband got me THIS for Christmas!!


It didn’t arrive until Dec. 31st, BUT I didn’t waste any time. I knew exactly the first project I wanted to do. I grabbed the men’s mustache socks I had purchased at Target and made…

Easy DIY Baby Legs!

This is really only a four step process!

Step 1: Cut

Take your men’s socks and cut off the foot. With the bottom piece cut the toe and heel off and toss. You will use the middle section.



Step 2: Turn inside out and sew

Take the middle section an turn inside out. Sew a line down one of the long sides, about 1-inch from the edge.


Step 3: Fold

Fold half of the section over itself so that the unfinished side is NOT showing anymore and it looks like this (forming the cuff), with all raw edges on one side:


Step 4: Attach to sock

Slide the cuff over the raw edge of the top part of the sock, aligning all the raw edges. You will be sewing through three layers all together. NOTE: Sew far enough away from the edge so that you are sure to catch all three layers. This is the cuff, so the stitch doesn’t have to be perfect.




2013-12-31 23.57.23











Now, just fold the cuff back over and you are set!! EASY!

Here is my model son showing off his new baby legs!


baby legs

They are long enough with room to grow, but snug enough to stay on him decently well. I’m very pleased!!




DIY Baby Legs

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