Ebron Asher’s First Two Weeks

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It has been an adjustment getting used to 2 kids, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. I think it helps that we still have a newborn who still sleeps a lot during the day. So, we do still get to have one on one time with Ain. We’ll see how that changes as Ebron gets older.

I even survived a day with both kids on my own!! It worked perfectly – Ebron slept soundly while I was getting Ain up for the day and getting breakfast ready. (It helped that he was snuggled warmly against me in this wonderful shirt carrier – the Soothe Shirt.)

IMG_20150317_230325 - Edited

Then, while Ain ate, I fed Ebron. Later on, I even had time to play one on one with Ain!! Two young kids is exhausting, but at least they still nap during the day and sleep for awhile at night!!


Yes, yes they do. #EbronAsher

Weight: Breastfeeding has certainly been a lot easier with Ebron that it was with Ain. Ebron had no initial problem latching and has been eating really well!! In fact, by the time he was 11 days old, he was up to 7 lbs., 7 oz!! And since he’s been eating so well, I haven’t been uncomfortable this time around!



Sleep: Ebron sleeps well during the day – his more awake times are mid-morning and early evening. BUT he also tends to be awake from 11pm – 12:30am, which is frustrating. I am SO tired during that time.

He does not sleep that well during the night (in part because he has reflux and is therefore uncomfortable and can’t settle down again easily. It’s hard for me, because I feed him, then burp him (I need to keep him vertical for about 30 minutes after eating), and then once he’s settled down, I can actually put him down to sleep.

After I feed him during the day, I can just put him in a carrier and burp him, and go along with my day!! Or, I just take a nap with him…


Social: The morning after Ebron was born, he first got to meet his older brother (wow – so weird to say!!). Then, we had all of the grandparents, aunts and almost all of the uncles come over to our house to meet Ebron. Ebron slept the entire time, as he was being passed around (he was just 11 hours old).



We made it to church the week after he was born – he was oohed and aahed over by everyone.

Likes: Eating, eating, eating, being held by Momma or Daddy, and sleeping.

#Ourfamily #EbronAsher


Firsts: Ebron’s first outing was to youth group with Daddy when he was just 2 days old!!

  • First visit to the doctor when he was 3 days old
  • We had his newborn photoshoot when he was 5 days old (more of those pictures at the bottom of this post!)
by Sarah Elizabeth Photography
  • March 8th – first trip to church
  • March 9th – first walk around our neighborhood
  • March 13th – first trip in our new minivan as a family of 4 – downtown (and stopping by Juice Stop)

PebbleCam_2015-03-13-16-16-55 - Edited (1)

  • March 14th – met his Grand Aunt Becky and Grand Uncle Mark

I’m sure there will be many more memories made!!

Well, as I said above, Sarah Barclay came over and took several photos of Ebron when he was just 5 days old. She did such a great job!! Here are more photos from that session:

by Sarah Elizabeth Photography
by Sarah Elizabeth Photography


by Sarah Elizabeth Photography
by Sarah Elizabeth Photography


by Sarah Elizabeth Photography
by Sarah Elizabeth Photography


by Sarah Elizabeth Photography
by Sarah Elizabeth Photography