Focus for this Website

I am constantly pulled in so many different directions. I have two boys under the age of 2 1/2 and I have the type of personality that wants to take on every challenge I hear about! Haha. Yet, I want to be making the most of my time. I am aware that the time I have with my kids is very important. I need to make time with my husband and it’s a priority of mine to make time for serving the church.

Then, building my blog and training to be a doula is next on my priorities list. I don’t think I’ll be a big blog, at least for now, because I don’t have as much time as I want to pour into it. I have to be okay with that. I am learning to be content to just work in the early morning hours and spend the rest of my day with my family.

me and my boys

There are many changes that have come about in my life recently: new baby, new leadership opportunities at church, new stage in parenthood, a renewed interest and pursuit of becoming a doula, and I’m at a point in my life where I’m totally a stay at home mom. I chose this new domain ( and it has been quite a chore to bring all the blog posts over!!

I’m still restructuring and rebranding my website. (Although I think I’ve finally settled on the categories I’m keeping.)

But, I wanted to let you know about some of the decisions I’ve made.

Focus for this website:

(And these are ranked in order in which I think I’m going to spend more time writing about here):

  • Developing as a Leading Lady in my church and community. I’ve been recently studying what it means to be a leading lady. It’s my goal to cultivate this “Titus 2” culture of older women teaching younger women around me.
  • Hospitality/community irl – This is a passion of mine. I have done a couple studies on hospitality and I’m challenging myself to incorporate it into my life more. I want to build up and reach out to my neighbors and “in real life” community. I want to show Christ’s love to my physical neighbors.
  • Faith – Since my relationship with Christ is the most important thing in my life, I’m spending my mornings with Him and learning from His Word. I always want to be a student of His Word and apply it to my life. I’ve also been leading a Bible study on the “first principles” of our faith, so that we might be more established in our faith.
  • Family – This category includes how I can be a better wife and mother. Right after my relationship with Christ is my relationship with my husband. Instead of focusing only on the kids, or more of my time/effort on the kids, I am going to work on studying, loving, respecting, and caring for my husband. I haven’t written about this a lot yet, but it’s definitely an area I want to grow in.

I also will be writing about my kids from time to time, about parenting in general, and how I want to keep my life and home simple (and free of clutter!). I’ve got some recipes in the archives under the “Simply Home” category as well.

  • Rest – I want to be intentional and make the most of my time. This also includes being intentional about planning rest in each day, and each week.
  • Doula/mothering the new mother – I’m working through becoming accredited as a doula. As I said above, it’s last on my priorities list, but it’s still on my list because it’s a passion of mine! I also desire to create a nurturing online space for moms (this fb group) and a real life community that lives out hospitality and the “Titus 2” culture.


I can’t promise to write a post every day (like I attempted to do in October), but I will daily put in some time on a post, or in developing ideas, or interacting with moms in the A Mother’s Road fb community. I hope to be posting 1-3 quality articles each week, as well as guest posting on other websites.

What You Can Do

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