Guide to living a minimalist lifestyle in 2015

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If you are anything like me, you are feeling the urge to purge your home of everything extra and simplify your life! Wouldn’t you love to have less clutter and less stress? I LOVE the season of decluttering so much, because I love the stress it removes in my family’s life!!


I JUST – as in today just – moved into a new home. It is slightly bigger than the last, but since the configuration of everything is different, I’m having trouble finding a space for everything. I didn’t really realize how much stuff we have until we moved today. I know, I know – I DID just declutter the whole house in October, but it’s time again. I feel like there is so much stuff I still want to get rid of.

project declutter


Let’s get this going!

I’m going to share with you my process of getting to a minimalist lifestyle my husband and I desire. So, while I won’t have a perfect 10 step process for you to follow, it will be something doable since I will be going through it while 7 months pregnant (thank you nesting hormones)!

Stay tuned!! Right now I’m busy making my list and googling minimalist lifestyles!!