Making the most of my time: Roles

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As a mom of 2 boys under the age of 2 1/2 my days are BUSY! And then my evenings are full too: putting the kids to bed (sometimes a CHORE!), spending time with my husband, leading a Bible study, and attending a leadership meeting. There is SO MUCH more that could take up my time and I constantly have to choose what to do.

Lately, I’ve been viewing decisions and the time I have through the filter of my roles. I want to make sure I’m spending the time I should on my true priorities, not just what is “urgent.” So, I’ve defined my roles and planned out time to spend on them each day.

My Roles

photo credit Abi LePage
photo credit Abi LePage
  1. Daughter of God (daily time spent in working on my relationship with Him, becoming a student of His Word) – first hour of the day (and also Christian radio/podcast while doing housekeeping tasks)
  2. Wife (time and effort to build my relationship with Matt, connecting with him, and supporting him in any way I can) – second hour of day brainstorm and write notes, a couple nights a week, and Saturdays are set aside as “family days”
  3. Mother/Educator (raising my kids in the Word and educating them) – mornings
  4. Leading Lady (being a leader in the church and supporting the church’s mission in any way I can, mentor women, opening my home to host church and other gatherings) – Bible study one night, leadership meeting one night, Friday morning mom’s group, neighborhood church one night
  5. Homemaker (extra household projects, minimizing household chaos, organizing, etc) – with the kids in the afternoons
  6. Family, friends, and outside church ministry (connect with and stay in touch with extended family and friends) – one night a week
  7. Doula Training/work/blog – during nap time and one night a week

Since I’m pulled in so many different directions, how can I know what to say “no” to? I can choose what the next right thing to do would be if it fits in line with my priorities above. If I’ve already spent the time on the priority above, then I can take the time to work on something else.

So, I’m using my roles as a filter to determine what to spend time on. If I want to be able to have enough time for all I want to spend my time on, then I have to say “no” a lot.

Lately I’ve had to choose to say “no” to:

  • having a garage sale
  • Babywearing International meetings (where I could meet with other moms, learn to wrap, and borrow a carrier)
  • attending a fundraiser
  • browsing instagram or facebook
  • staying up late (most of the time)
  • taking a nap in the afternoon
  • spend extra time on my blog so I can potentially monetize my blog

That is not to say any of these on the list are bad. In fact, I have chosen to go to a Babywearing meeting in the past and it might be good to go again in the future (it’s a great chance to network with new moms – moms that I want to minister to anyway!!). But, right now I have to chosen to go to the leadership meetings instead.


Choosing God over my desires is hard. But it is biblical. No where in Scripture does it say “follow God and life will be easy” but often it says that DESPITE life being difficult we are to continue to follow Him. He will give us the strength and the wisdom to carry on even in the hardest times of life if we choose to know Him and know His word.

How has God been challenging you lately? What promises of God keep you going when times are tough?


2 Responses

  1. Lori Schumaker

    It is so good that you are intentionally prioritizing your responsibilities! Even within those responsibilities you have listed are a million little (and often big) “things” that could be done. Narrowing it down to what really reflects the heart and mission of God’s call in our lives is so tough, though! I applaud you for working through those scenarios and am praying that you stay diligent!
    Blessings and smiles,

    • mothersroad

      Thanks so much for your prayers! You are right – there are countless little things to do within these responsibilities. I have to constantly chose what the next right thing is to do. My days are busy but my heart is full!