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How did you do on decluttering your clothing? I wrote a minimalist mindset post last week to give you some ideas on where to start.

I was not able to declutter as much as I wanted, mainly because I’m currently 7 1/2 months pregnant. I don’t know what will fit me, or what I will wear this summer. So here’s what I did:

Pairing down your wardrobe while pregnant

1) Get rid of clothes that are too small. I mean really small. I’ve been holding onto some clothes that didn’t even fit me between the last pregnancy and this one.

2) Get rid of clothes that you don’t love. Even if you can’t currently try an item of clothing on (because you are pregnant, for example), at least you can remember how you liked it, or what you didn’t like about it the last time you worn it. Maybe it’s worn out. Maybe you are not a fan of the shoulders on the blouse. Maybe it’s not the best for your figure. If you don’t love it, get rid of it! It’s just one less item of clothing that you will have in your closet.

Before starting this round of delcuttering I had 33 dresses. 33!! I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot.

What I got rid of (well, what I’m currently trying to sell):


Here are the numbers:

  • I had 8 dressy/formal dresses and paired it down to 3.
  • I had 11 summer sleeveless dresses and paired it down to 8.
  • I had 10 short sleeve dresses and paired it down to 6.
  • I kept all 3 of my long sleeve dresses.
  • I had 16 short sleeve shirts and paired in down to 12.
  • I currently have 8 sweaters (but 3 are turned backwards on their hangers so I know if I ever wear them in the next 6 months).
  • I kept the 8 long sleeve shirts in my closet.
  • I kept all 3 of my skirts.

You will notice I am keeping more summer clothing than winter clothing. I do plan on decluttering again at the beginning of summer to see what fits me once I am no longer pregnant, and then again at the end of the summer (since I turned the hangers backwards). I will then get rid of whatever I didn’t wear.

The Results

Full disclosure: I have 2 small boxes of non-maternity clothes I have not opened. I will open those when I’m no longer pregnant and pair down what I have then.

I am happy with the progress I did make. Here are my long sleeve shirts and sweaters (and my wedding dress which I still have yet to preserve). I also use the top two drawers of the dresser for undergarments, camisoles and swim suits – my husband uses the bottom two drawers:


And the rest of my closet (dresses and summer wear are towards the back right now). You can see some of the hangers are turned backwards:


I haven’t gone through my shoes or purses yet, but I did go through my jewelry and paired it down to 15 necklaces:


In a couple of days, we’ll start talking about minimizing decor in your house!


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    • Betsy Pool

      Thanks for visiting Cindy!! I always find that taking another look at what to declutter on another day is helpful. Have fun!

  1. Lydia @ Not Afraid of the Snow

    I love this! I have been slowly working on getting rid of clothes as well. Totally get the being pregnant and finding this hard. And then there is the nursing afterwards. I feel like there will be a 3 year streak where I can’t wear normal clothes. Got pregnant while still breastfeeding! Oh well. Babies are more precious than clothes!!