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As you may or may not know, we moved into a 3-bedroom townhome last weekend. It’s SO nice to have extra space in the living room, basement, and kitchen. However, that did NOT translate to having more cabinet space – just more floor space. I’m not saying I have a tiny kitchen. It’s a nice size, it’s just hard to fit everything you want into a kitchen (especially when you cook from scratch often). My mom helped me unpack kitchen items the day before we moved all the furniture in. Which was so nice – EXCEPT the day we moved in we found 7 more boxes labeled kitchen. Ahh!

So much stuff!!

I knew a LOT had to go.

Here is a picture of the day after we moved all the furniture in – still so many boxes to unpack!!



Evaluate your priorities

Do you love to cook? Are you planning on having families over, or just couples? Do you prefer to cook using simple, one pot recipes? How often will you wash the dishes? The dishwasher is a really convenient to have, but don’t use it as an excuse to keep more dishes and silverware than you really need. The answer to all of these questions will help you determine how much you really NEED in the kitchen.

We are our priorities? Yes, we do love to entertain!!

  • We DO want to have families over for dinner regularly (since we have little space, it will probably be smaller families for the most part). So I decided to get rid of the “nice china” I bought (since I’ve never used it). We can just use the regular set we have. We also have TWO set of silverware. Do we really need two? No.
  • I knew we probably would want to have a wine tasting at some point – and the most people we would have over for that would be 12, so just 12 regular wine glasses, plus a few special wine glasses.
  • When we have bigger crowds over, I know we’ll just use these leftover plastic plates from my sister’s wedding. They are thin and don’t take much space to store.

So after evaluating the events I would have in my kitchen, I looked at minimalist lists others had made and came up with my own get rid of list.


I set up one bin labeled to donate and another to sell. Here are some of the things I got rid of.

Get rid of list:IMG_20150111_082719

extra wine and beer glasses
plastic containers
extra pitchers (I only need 1)
extra bread pans
cut back to only 2 paring knives, 1 bread knife, 1 chef’s knife, 1 small paring knife
only 2 9×13 pans
get rid of small skillet (it’s pretty worn out and I only need 1)
extra wooden spoons, utensils
only need one set of silverware (plus a few extras – 3 forks, spoons, knives)
small food processor
get rid of one cooling rack (I only need 2)
get rid of broken measuring cups (1 set of measuring cups is enough!)
only keep 1 -2 travel coffee mugs per person
kept just a large sauce pan, a small sauce pan and a skillet

I also went through the pantry items and all my spices. I went from this spice drawer in the old kitchen:



To this spice drawer in the new kitchen:



This is a drawer of my most frequently used spices. I have a few other bigger spices in a cabinet (salt, pepper, cornstarch, etc) but I LOVE how readable all the spices are!! It’s so quick and easy to grab what I need and it’s in the perfect place for cooking – right by the stove!

I know this will be just the first round of decluttering in the kitchen. And guess what I am doing with the items I am getting rid of? I’m going to try to sell as much as I can and donate the rest!!

What did you get rid of? Don’t forget, starting today hashtag #getridof1thing on instagram and share what you are decluttering!!

(Thursday I’ll be introducing the next area to declutter – clothes. So, if you haven’t gotten around to your kitchen do it before Thursday!!)