Minimalist Mindset & Introducing the series!

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Saturday I introduced my Guide to living a minimalist lifestyle in 2015 series.

I’m so very excited about this series!! I’m going to take you through 5 week jump start to living a minimalist lifestyle – but it doesn’t have to end there!! Throughout the series I will be posting articles and other resources to help you apply this to your life in so many areas. For each area of your house and life, I will be posting first a Minimalist Mindset, then a Game plan for how to apply it to your life. Hopefully we’ll all come out of this project with a Minimalist Mindset that we will take with us and apple to the rest of 2015!! (I probably will have another minimalism series in the fall).

Since minimalism is something I’m working on RIGHT NOW in my life – you guys get to experience it right along with me! I want your involvement. I’m going to be posting questions on my facebook page periodically and I would like to hear from you! (The first one is already up!)

How to Get Started

Are you interested in minimalist, but don’t know where to start? Here are 5 different ways you can get started (the last one listed is the way I’m going to lead us through during the next 5 weeks).Minimalism

There is no right or wrong way – and you can even combine some of these methods (that’s what I will be doing)!!

1) Change Your Buying Habits: Make the commitment to NOT buy anything else you don’t absolutely need. Or, you could modify this by using the one in, one out method. When you bring one more thing into the house, at least one thing needs to leave the house. This method is good to get started with, since it saves you money and it is a good way to ease into the minimalist mindset.

2) Daily Challenge: Pick a month (now! – from Jan. 15th – Feb 15th) and challenge yourself to get rid of at least one thing every day. You could do this with a friend and keep each other accountable. Or, you could just post a picture each day on instagram of what you are getting rid of. Use the hashtag #getridof1thing

If you want to make it more fun, you could even have a contest with a friend and the one who gets rid of the most things gets a prize (a gift card or something like that – not more clutter)!

3) Packing Party: Pretend you are moving somewhere and pack all your items up in boxes (or cover them with a sheet if it’s too big). Then, as you need to use it, unpack it or take the sheet off. Then, after a certain number of days (21 days, 6 weeks, whatever) whatever you have not unpacked then just sell, give away, or donate!! A “packing party” is the term coined by Joshua Fields Milburn when he used this method.

(Since we just moved, even though I’m going to be going through each room, there are some things I’m going to keep in boxes and if I don’t use or think about them in the next few months I will probably get rid of them.)

4) 100 Thing Challenge: This method is pretty extreme. Dave Bruno gave himself the challenge of living with 100 things or less for one year. Picking a number of items to live with for a certain period of time is a great way to test out how you feel with less stuff. It also helps you to carefully consider what your most important things are without necessarily getting rid of everything else – you could pack the rest up as described in “Packing Party” and re-evaluate at a later time.

5) Room by Room/Space by Space: At Romance on a dime, I will be taking you through this method over the next 5 weeks. We will be looking at a small space, or a category at a time and really evaluate whether or not to keep each item.

My husband and I have each chosen one thing we need to buy and will buy – thanks to all the items we can hopefully sell!!

Are you ready to clear out some clutter?

Tomorrow I’m going to give you some lists I found that might help you get started, but then on Friday we’ll start in earnest with the kitchen!


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      I know Lydia! It seems that no matter how many times I declutter, there is always more I can get rid of!!