New Mom Meals and Freezer Cooking

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I know at least for me, it wasn’t until 6 weeks postpartum that I wanted to, or had the ability to expanded my mental focus and think about menu planning, grocery shopping, and freezer cooking for our family once again.

New Mom Meals

We were very blessed with lots of family, friends, and church family bringing over meals for us postpartum. There are numerous great websites out there nowadays, but one of them is It’s a great resource to use when organizing meal coordination for the new mom. takethemameal

You can set up the meal scheduling ahead of time – for example we had set it up for meals to be brought to us Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (then, we also had church family covering other days of the week).

You can specify what time is best for people to come, and the best way for them to contact you. You can specify if you have any food allergies or preferences, etc. Then, after I gave birth to Ain, my friend posted the link to my TakethemaMeal on facebook and my friends could sign up! It’s really a great system!

So, really, for the first 3 weeks we were set with food we already had in our home plus people bringing us meals. We also had a couple of meals with family during that time. Then, over the next 3 weeks we used the freezer meals I had cooked before the baby was born (and we went out to eat here and there a bit). Then, at almost 7 weeks postpartum I had another freezer cooking morning while my husband watched Ain and we were able to get 2 more weeks worth of meals ready!

What I KNOW I will do differently next time is PLAN out two weeks of meals beyond the freezer meals. Because, really, at 6 weeks postpartum I didn’t want to menu plan, but I needed to go grocery shopping out of necessity. So, next time my plan is:

– 2-3 weeks of people bringing meals/eating out/cleaning out fridge
– 2-3 weeks of freezer meals/eating out
– 2-3 weeks of a meal plan and grocery list all written out, so all I have to do it go shopping!

Freezer Cooking

Here is how it practically worked out in our home. For lunches, our plan was to either eat leftovers, make a sandwich, have soup or these amazing Ham and Cheese Sliders (they freeze really well!) We also had some Freezer Burritos on hand, but we didn’t use them.

My set-up for freezer cooking while pregnant. (I forgot to take any more photos.)
My set-up for freezer cooking while pregnant. (I forgot to take any more photos.)

Here were our Freezer Dinners in the early weeks:

And I did blog about this week of menu planning and this menu plan postpartum. If you have any other questions, just let me know!

I have a lot more freezer recipes I want to try in the coming weeks. If you want to check out more recipes, look at my Freezer Cooking Pinterest board, or check out these Freezer to Crockpot Recipes!

I hope I was able to provide you with some good resources!

UPDATE: My second baby had horrible reflux because he was intolerant to dairy and soy. I had to eat dairy free (so did my sister when her little one was born). So, if you are planning freezer meals, be sure to include lots of recipes (if not all) that are dairy free!!

What freezer recipes have you used and loved?


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