Why turning 2 is so hard…

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Ain, I love you so much. You are such a precious boy and such a wonderful gift of God to us. I want to remember your 2nd birthday party forever. We started the day with breakfast while watching Winnie the … Continued

Pumpkin Mac ‘n Cheese

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Here’s a good way to add vegetables to your toddler’s favorite meal! If your toddler is like mine, a favorite food group is starch, and he specifically likes pasta. We try not to give our kid pasta all the time, … Continued

Toddler Tuesday: Pom pom drop

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  Pom Pom Drop Toddler Activity This was a very easy to set up activity and if you don’t have pom poms, try any other lightweight circular object (marble, small ball, maybe a coin?) And who doesn’t have extra toilet … Continued

Freezer Recipe: Power Packed Fruit and Veggie Muffins

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I know how it is to try to get your toddler to eat vegetables. Fruit, Ain has no problem with, but veggies is another thing. That’s why I LOVE this recipe. If Ain is having a meal where he is … Continued

Babywearing with Baby #2

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You know what’s awesome? Babywearing. You know what helps so much when you have two kids under 2, OR when your little one has reflux? Babywearing.                     You know what makes babywearing … Continued

Ebron Asher’s First Two Weeks

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It has been an adjustment getting used to 2 kids, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. I think it helps that we still have a newborn who still sleeps a lot during the day. So, we do … Continued

Birth Story – Welcome to the World Ebron Asher!

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Ebron Asher Pool was born Monday, March 2nd at 11:22pm – 2 weeks before his due date. I had NO idea Monday morning that by the end of the day we would have a newborn (even though, during week 33 I had … Continued

Minimalist Lifestyle: Clothing

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How did you do on decluttering your clothing? I wrote a minimalist mindset post last week to give you some ideas on where to start. I was not able to declutter as much as I wanted, mainly because I’m currently … Continued

Minimalist Mindset: Clothing

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Having a minimalist wardrobe I want to keep only the clothes that I love and wear. Right? Minimalism is living with what you need and what you love. The steps to getting more clothes that I actually wear is: 1. Declutter … Continued

Minimalist Lifestyle: Kitchen

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As you may or may not know, we moved into a 3-bedroom townhome last weekend. It’s SO nice to have extra space in the living room, basement, and kitchen. However, that did NOT translate to having more cabinet space – … Continued

Minimalist Mindset: Kitchen

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Hello everyone!! Your assignment for the weekend is to declutter your kitchen! Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Well, I hope to help!! How to Get Started Wednesday I gave you a list of 20 + things … Continued

5 Week Jump Start to living a minimalist lifestyle!

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How to Create a Minimalist Home Monday I mentioned 5 ways you could get started living a minimalist lifestyle. Did you start googling minimalism after my post? There are a lot of great articles out there and examples of people you … Continued

Minimalist Mindset & Introducing the series!

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Saturday I introduced my Guide to living a minimalist lifestyle in 2015 series. I’m so very excited about this series!! I’m going to take you through 5 week jump start to living a minimalist lifestyle – but it doesn’t have … Continued

Guide to living a minimalist lifestyle in 2015

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If you are anything like me, you are feeling the urge to purge your home of everything extra and simplify your life! Wouldn’t you love to have less clutter and less stress? I LOVE the season of decluttering so much, … Continued

Pregnancy #2: Week 30

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Crazy! Where has the time gone? I’m already to week 30 of my pregnancy!! Remember week 30 last pregnancy? I shared the awesome baby girl shower my mom and sisters threw for me. This time, we are going to have … Continued

Slowing down as we approach the holidays…

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As you know, I’ve entered my third trimester of this pregnancy – yay!! This pregnancy has gone by so fast! Unlike the last pregnancy, not all of our attention is devoted to my day by day progress, or monitoring the … Continued

New Mom Gift Guide

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I have so many friends who are pregnant right now – including my youngest sister!! Wahoo – we are bump sisters! So, I thought I would put together a fun new mom gift guide. You can use this resource for … Continued

Pregnancy #2: Week 27

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been craving sweet things lately, especially with all the Christmas cookies, etc. being pinned on Pinterest!! And, I’ve given in to the cravings and have been making sweet things a LOT. (Don’t … Continued