Pregnancy #2: Week 20

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Hello all! So, I’m definitely not updating you all as much during this pregnancy, as I was with my first pregnancy. Haha. Last time I shared I was just 14 weeks along. I also haven’t been taking as many bump pictures. I’ve just taken pictures at 14 weeks, 17 weeks, and 20 weeks so far.

IMG_20140916_154713 17 weeks










Week 20

How I feel – Pretty good, pretty normal. Last pregnancy about this time I was having pretty bad round ligament pain. This time I haven’t felt much yet. Maybe it’s still coming…just later.

Total weight gain/loss? – Last pregnancy I had gained 11 pounds by this time. This time around I’ve only gained 6 pounds (although I did start this pregnancy 10 pounds heavier than I started last pregnancy). I’m pretty content with my weight gain. My bump is about the same for last pregnancy and this pregnancy at this point.

Sleep – Up until this point, I’ve been sleeping pretty well most nights. The key for me this second trimester is no naps (first trimester I was taking naps daily when my toddler napped). If I don’t nap I can sleep through the night. That is….until this week. I think this week I’ve had a lot more on my mind. The past three mornings I’ve woken up at 4 or 5 something with my mind wide awake. I usually end up getting out of bed and eating something:


Cravings – For some reason this second trimester I haven’t been really that hungry in the mornings. Maybe part of it is that Ain eats so much for breakfast and keeps me busy feeding him. Besides that, I think my appetite is pretty normal the rest of the day. I don’t have a lot of cravings (other than sugar in the evenings – maybe I need to eat more real food then).

Movement – YES!! I first felt flutterings at 15 weeks, but not very frequently. Then, at 19 weeks I started to feel the baby move pretty regularly and I still do. I think at this point (20 weeks) some of the kicks are strong enough for Matt to feel, but the strong kicks are so infrequent he hasn’t felt the baby move yet. Maybe soon!! It was at this week last pregnancy that Matt first felt Ain move, so perhaps I should drink something cold and have him ready so it could happen again!!

Wedding ring on or off? – Haha – funny question. It finally is on again after not wearing it for a year and a half!! (We just recently resized it since my fingers stayed a little more swollen, or just bigger after giving birth to Ain.) I hope I can wear it all this pregnancy now!

What I am looking forward to – Next Thursday we will have our 21 week sonogram and hopefully find out if it is a boy or girl!!!! I’m so excited!!!!! I’m also glad to feel the baby move and I look forward to when my husband will first feel the baby kick.

Baby Bump

At this point, our little baby is about the length of a banana (10 inches) and about 10.5 ounces. Here are my bumps at 20 weeks. On the left – last pregnancy. On the right – this pregnancy!

Week 20

20 weeks - Edited