Pregnancy #2: Week 30

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Crazy! Where has the time gone? I’m already to week 30 of my pregnancy!! baby shower tableRemember week 30 last pregnancy? I shared the awesome baby girl shower my mom and sisters threw for me. This time, we are going to have a smaller boy shower in a couple of weeks.

Week 30

How I feel

Last month, at 27 weeks, I reported having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. I was pushing myself too much with Christmas preparations, cooking, and packing. At my husband’s encouragement I cut back on how much I was doing at a time, decided to up my intake of water in the mornings and I’ve been doing a lot better! I still get the Braxton Hicks contractions, it’s just not as regular (which is a very good thing!).

I’m anxious to get moved – tomorrow!!! – so we get start unpacking and getting our house organized again!! Wahoo!! I’m definitely in the nesting phase, but right now I just have to put my energy into packing up the house. But then after we move, I’ll be setting up the nursery and the boys room. 🙂

Sleep – I’ve been waking up early only about 1/3 of the time. Which is not bad. I have plenty to be thinking about, so it’s hard to get back to sleep. Often, I’ll get up and do something.

Total weight gain? My weight fluctuates a bit, but on average I’m up 18 pounds overall, which is exactly where I was last pregnancy at 30 weeks! Up until this week my weight gain had been less this pregnancy, but all the holiday sweets caught me up, hehe. My midwife says my bump is measuring right at where is should be when I had my appointment last week!

Movement – Yep, lots of movement. This little guy seems to move even more than I remember Ain moving at this stage. And he is strong – his movements are big!! At my appointment last week my midwife said he was head down!! (Which is great, because Ain was still in the tranverse position at 30 weeks.)

Hunger/Cravings – Not so much lately. My sugar cravings have gone down, thankfully. I’ve been thirsty and drinking more water lately. I’ve also noticed my appetite has picked up just a bit recently.

Best moment this week?

Getting together with other pregnant friends of mine! It’s so fun to talk with friends who are going through the same thing you are!! Remember last pregnancy, when I was pregnant at the same time as 3, almost 4 other friends? Here is the picture to refresh your memory:

Me – 13 weeks, Alicia – 32 weeks, Tabitha – 32 weeks, Marie – has a 2 month old, Candace – 6 month old
Me – 13 weeks, Alicia – 32 weeks, Tabitha – 32 weeks, Marie – has a 2 month old, Candace – 6 month old
Again, just 3 weeks later.


Well, this second time around, 3 of us are pregnant at the same time again!!

Alicia at 20 weeks, me at 30 weeks, and Marie at 36 weeks!
Alicia at 20 weeks, me at 30 weeks, and Marie at 36 weeks!

What I am looking forward to

Moving and getting the house organized! I can’t wait to share my new space with you all.

Baby Bump

At this point, our little baby boy is about the size of an winter squash: almost 16 inches long and almost 3 pounds in weight! Here are my bumps at 30 weeks. On the left – last pregnancy. On the right – this pregnancy (looking a little tired and no make-up)!

Week 30