Project Declutter: Nursery Closet

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Day 9: Nursery Closet

While I’m still brainstorming how I’m going to organize my Expedit, I decided to tackle the nursery closet today. Here was the messy before:




It was actually somewhat organized, but I was not really taking full advantage of the space. I had recently gotten the white 3-drawer container at a garage sale and hadn’t put it to use yet. First, I consolidated all my gift bags (I have a lot I’m keeping). I had a tall basket I wasn’t using, but I put the bags inside the basket. And then remember all the bags of clothes I recently got from a friend?




I was able to put the bigger size clothes in the white 3-drawer bin!! And ta-da – organized closet space!!




I even have some room to spare!! The bottom drawer is empty. I think I’ll make it the drawer I put the too small clothes in (until I have a big enough stash to put in a box in storage). The basket on top of the 3-drawer bin is also empty…so far. I’m sure I’ll find something to fill it with.

Again, I’m setting myself a due date – after the Christmas season I’ll probably downsize a little bit in the number of bags, tissue paper and wrapping items I have. I’ll need more room in the nursery for new baby stuff!! The basket below is full of wrapping supplies.




I wrote down a project I need to work on for this room: organizing all the ribbons. Right now they are just stuffed in a gift bag. Again, I hope to use as many as I can this Christmas season:




Finally, I organized the clothes on the bottom shelf of the DIY Amoire. Doesn’t it look so much better!!




Well, tomorrow I’ll probably finally tackle the expedit!!