Project Declutter: Nursery Organization

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Day 8: Nursery Organization

This is the messiest room in the house!! It desperately needs organizing AND decluttering. Especially since recently a friend of mine gave me even more boy clothes – yay!! Now, just to fit it in the space. The blue bins I just recently got from IKEA. They are all empty right now, I just need to brainstorm what I want to put in each and how to organize everything. Any ideas?




Today, I decided I needed to start with his clothes, since many of the clothes we have out are getting too short for him. Plus – it’s disorganized. Look at it!




I have a huge box full of clothes he has outgrown – something else to go into storage in the basement. I decided to organize the clothes he is wearing by putting his onesies and shorts in his dresser drawer (the other drawers we’ll go through later):




And hanging up on the top rack I have short sleeve shirts his is wearing, short sleeve shirts just a tad bigger, dressy shirts, and long sleeve shirts. In the basket on the left I have pants that fit him now. The basket on the right is pants that are just a bit bigger:




The bottom rack is filled with all the jackets and sweaters Ain has – isn’t that a lot? I may weed through them and donate some, but then again I may not. Moms – any advice as to how many jackets and sweaters a kid needs? Hanging on the very right are dressy clothes he needs to grow into. The baskets below I didn’t have time to go through today – as Ain was getting hungry and tired.




It’s too bad I can’t declutter the nursery when Ain is sleeping – I wanted to keep at it!!

P.S. I would appreciate any tips to organizing this nursery!!


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  1. Emily

    Hi! I’m a new mom too. I agree; it would be so much easier to organize while the baby takes a nap!:) I keep a bag for clothes that my baby has outgrown hanging in the closet. When it gets full, I put the clothes in storage. It is a constant chore keeping baby clothes organized!
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    • Betsy Pool

      It really is a constant chore! Good suggestion – I did end up adding a basket in the closet to put the clothes he has outgrown. When I have a full basket, I’ll box it up and put it in storage!