Simplify: Project Declutter

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I’ve been mentioning in several posts about how we’ve taken on the task of going through each room in our house and decluttering. (I’ve gotten this idea from Money Saving Mom’s book.)


We first gathered boxes together and labeled them as:

– Sell/Give away

– Put away

– Upcycle (or this could be called craft/DIY supplies)

– Trash (in a bag)

– File (tray)


Then, we had two scratch pieces of paper to list out:

– Big Projects to Tackle

– Furniture to sell

– Things to do

– Organizational things to buy


Tackle each room:

1. Set the timer for 30 minutes.

Take this 30 minutes to look throw everything in the room and decide whether you should keep it, or get rid of it. Have you used it in the past year? Just because you have room to store something, doesn’t mean you should.

(I think I’m a little weird in that I actually take joy in getting rid of stuff and keeping things a little simpler.)


2. Go through every drawer, cupboard, closet, etc.

As you go through everything, put things in the appropriate boxes. If you wish to sell it, but it in the “sell/give away” box. If it belongs in another room, put it in the “Put away” box. It’s easy!


3. Write it down.

If you notice in-depth projects you want to tackle down the road, write it down. If you think of organization items that might help tame your space, write it down. If you talk about furniture you want to sell, write it down.


4. Once timer is up, stop.

You might not be done with the room, but stop anyway. Take your “Put away” box and get starting on putting everything in that box where it goes.


5. Move on to next room and repeat.

You can probably hit all of your house in one day. Even though each room may not be finished, you will feel more sense of accomplishment and your house will be more clutter free. As you have time (on another day), go back to the rooms you didn’t get all the way through and set the timer for 30 minutes again.


Places I’ve Started – Office Closet

We started with the easiest rooms. In the past month, we had to take everything out of the kitchen so that our cabinets could be re-done. So our kitchen was the first place we tackled. Then, our living room. Both rooms only took about 30 minutes to go through and only a little bit of time to put stuff away.

Then, I took on the office closet. It looked like this:



Besides housing all my wrapping supplies, this closet is filled with games, puzzles, and things I’ve kept if I want to give it away as gifts.

I decided to get rid of all the games we’ve never (and probably won’t ever) play and the items I can’t think of anyone I wanted to gift them to. It’s not perfect, but below is the after picture. (I put it on my list to monitor craigslist for a short dresser or bookcase. I think if I put something like that in the closet, then I could organize so many more craft and recycle items in this closet!!) **UPDATEHere is my post showing the added bookshelf.


Of course, I’d love to find more baskets for a decent price for the top shop! Finally, I put it on my “Projects” list to make a closet valance, similar to No. 29 Design’s.


The other major declutter we accomplished this week was clothes!! This took some time, but I really enjoyed paring down my wardrobe and getting the change to come up with different combinations for outfits!


I don’t have a picture of the before, but I got rid of:

– 21 shirts
– 6 sweaters/jackets
– 13 pants/shorts
– 5 skirts
– 11 dresses


My husband got rid of:

– 17 shirts
– 10 pants/shorts
– 2 jackets


Total = 95 items of clothing!!! 

We are taking the clothing to Arizona Trading Company to see if we can make any money off the clothing tomorrow!

Have you done any decluttering lately?