Pregnancy #2: Week 30

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Crazy! Where has the time gone? I’m already to week 30 of my pregnancy!! Remember week 30 last pregnancy? I shared the awesome baby girl shower my mom and sisters threw for me. This time, we are going to have … Continued

Slowing down as we approach the holidays…

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As you know, I’ve entered my third trimester of this pregnancy – yay!! This pregnancy has gone by so fast! Unlike the last pregnancy, not all of our attention is devoted to my day by day progress, or monitoring the … Continued

Pregnancy #2: Week 27

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been craving sweet things lately, especially with all the Christmas cookies, etc. being pinned on Pinterest!! And, I’ve given in to the cravings and have been making sweet things a LOT. (Don’t … Continued

Pregnancy #2: It’s a… (week 24)

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Hello all – it’s been a bit of a quiet month here because we went on a CRUISE!! It was our babymoon before baby #2 comes. We left Ain behind with Grandparents, so it was a nice, relaxing, connecting time … Continued

Pregnancy #2: Week 20

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Hello all! So, I’m definitely not updating you all as much during this pregnancy, as I was with my first¬†pregnancy.¬†Haha. Last time I shared I was just 14 weeks along. I also haven’t been taking as many bump pictures. I’ve … Continued