Minimalist Lifestyle: Clothing

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How did you do on decluttering your clothing? I wrote a minimalist mindset post last week to give you some ideas on where to start. I was not able to declutter as much as I wanted, mainly because I’m currently … Continued

Minimalist Mindset: Clothing

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Having a minimalist wardrobe I want to keep only the clothes that I love and wear. Right? Minimalism is living with what you need and what you love. The steps┬áto getting more clothes that I actually wear is: 1. Declutter … Continued

Minimalist Lifestyle: Kitchen

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As you may or may not know, we moved into a 3-bedroom townhome last weekend. It’s SO nice to have extra space in the living room, basement, and kitchen. However, that did NOT translate to having more cabinet space – … Continued

Minimalist Mindset: Kitchen

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Hello everyone!! Your assignment for the weekend is to declutter your kitchen! Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Well, I hope to help!! How to Get Started Wednesday I gave you a list of 20 + things … Continued

5 Week Jump Start to living a minimalist lifestyle!

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How to Create a Minimalist Home Monday I mentioned 5 ways you could get started living a minimalist┬álifestyle. Did you start googling minimalism after my post? There are a lot of great articles out there and examples of people you … Continued

Minimalist Mindset & Introducing the series!

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Saturday I introduced my Guide to living a minimalist lifestyle in 2015 series. I’m so very excited about this series!! I’m going to take you through 5 week jump start to living a minimalist lifestyle – but it doesn’t have … Continued

Guide to living a minimalist lifestyle in 2015

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If you are anything like me, you are feeling the urge to purge your home of everything extra and simplify your life! Wouldn’t you love to have less clutter and less stress? I LOVE the season of decluttering so much, … Continued

Project Declutter: Tour

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Hello all!! I just wanted to write this post as kind of a wrap up for my 31 day decluttering challenge. I’m here to show you my little, lovely house as is – post challenge. I’ve loved the space we … Continued

Project Declutter: Completed!

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Well, I finished decluttering the whole house and just a few days early!! So, yesterday I posted about some of my favorite declutter/organizing blogs. I hope it inspired you. Today, I just want to wrap up the series by listing … Continued

Project Declutter Inspiration!!

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Maybe I should have started this 31 day challenge with this post, but I’m hoping that as October closes and November starts you are motivated to declutter your own home. If you are, follow this fantastic guide from Pop Sugar: … Continued

Project Declutter: Freezer

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Day 28: Freezer It didn’t take too long to clean out and clean up the freezer. Awhile ago, I added shelves to the freezer which helped the organization immensely!!   Then, over time it became disorganized again. I’m glad I … Continued

Project Declutter: Sewing Corner

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Day 27: Sewing Corner The sewing corner is another area that has become a dumping ground this past month. As I’ve decluttered around the house, I piled stuff up on the table and mini freezer.   A lot of the … Continued

Project Declutter: Matt’s Tools (and keeping up)

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Day 25: Kitchen Table With the weekends, sometimes it’s hard to keep up decluttering and blogging about it. Yesterday I needed to do some catch up decluttering on the kitchen table. It’s definitely a dumping ground on the weekends (especially … Continued

Project Declutter: Car and Donation Trip

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Day 24: Cleaning out the Car We are temporarily down to one car (and one moped) right now. Today was one of those nice days my husband could easily take the moped to work, so I had the car! I … Continued

Project Declutter: Fridge Organization

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Day 23: Fridge Organization My fridge is an area that needs constant decluttering attention. As each day passes, there are leftovers ever to be consolidated, expired food to be tossed out, etc. I don’t have any containers to help organize … Continued

Project Declutter: Computer

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Day 22: Computer I still have a few more projects around the house, but I’ve hit all the rooms once and have done the major stuff. Today I was pretty tired, so I decided to declutter something sitting down. ­čÖé … Continued

Project Declutter: Magazines

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Day 21: Magazines Today I decided to go through all my magazines. I needed to menu plan anyway, so I quickly looked through the magazines and put the recipes I wanted to try in my app: paprika┬á(which stores recipes, generates … Continued

Project Declutter: Living Room

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Day 20: Living Room The living room didn’t really have that much extra stuff. I knew it would be pretty easy, because we have gradually baby-proofed it over the last few months (i.e. – taking more and more stuff out … Continued

Project Declutter: Bathroom Make-up/Hall Closet

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Day 19: Bathroom Make-up and Hall Closet After Day 1 of organizing the bathroom, I knew I would spend the second day organizing my make-up. Here’s what I have: I had three cute bags, so I split all my make-up … Continued

Project Declutter: Bathroom Cabinet

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Day 18: Bathroom Cabinet and Sink The bathroom is pretty cluttered right now. There are some things in the cabinet below the sink that have been there awhile and we don’t use. Here is what the before looked like:   … Continued