Hospitality = Unusual kindness and love

Last week I wrote my first post on hospitality and focused on preparing the heart for hospitality. If you haven’t read it yet, go back and read it. Next week I’llĀ focus on preparing the home for hospitality. I’ll give you … Continued

Preparing the Heart for Hospitality

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When we think of the word hospitality, often we think of Pinterest-perfect tablescapes and decor, a cozy stress-free environment, or impeccably clean rooms. But that’s not it. There is so much more to hospitality than meets the eye. It’s the … Continued

What it means to be a Leading Lady

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Yesterday I introduced this 31 day series, and today I’m going to be specifically identifying what a leading lady is and what examples we see in the Bible. How were believing women in the New Testament described? What roles did … Continued