Minimalist Lifestyle: Clothing

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How did you do on decluttering your clothing? I wrote a minimalist mindset post last week to give you some ideas on where to start. I was not able to declutter as much as I wanted, mainly because I’m currently … Continued

Minimalist Mindset: Clothing

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Having a minimalist wardrobe I want to keep only the clothes that I love and wear. Right? Minimalism is living with what you need and what you love. The steps to getting more clothes that I actually wear is: 1. Declutter … Continued

Minimalist Lifestyle: Kitchen

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As you may or may not know, we moved into a 3-bedroom townhome last weekend. It’s SO nice to have extra space in the living room, basement, and kitchen. However, that did NOT translate to having more cabinet space – … Continued

Minimalist Mindset: Kitchen

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Hello everyone!! Your assignment for the weekend is to declutter your kitchen! Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Well, I hope to help!! How to Get Started Wednesday I gave you a list of 20 + things … Continued

5 Week Jump Start to living a minimalist lifestyle!

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How to Create a Minimalist Home Monday I mentioned 5 ways you could get started living a minimalist lifestyle. Did you start googling minimalism after my post? There are a lot of great articles out there and examples of people you … Continued

Minimalist Mindset & Introducing the series!

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Saturday I introduced my Guide to living a minimalist lifestyle in 2015 series. I’m so very excited about this series!! I’m going to take you through 5 week jump start to living a minimalist lifestyle – but it doesn’t have … Continued

Project Declutter: Starting off the basement

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Day 4: Starting off the basement The basement was a MESS!! I’m thinking it’s going to take 4-5 days to go through the basement. First I just had to clear out the extra stuff to I can get to what … Continued

25 days of Working Towards Simple Living (Minimalism)

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May/June Project: Simplify Or, as I may call it: 25 days of Working Towards Simple Living I started reading Simple Living by Lorilee Lippincott – so good! Lorilee breaks different areas in life down into 30 days in which you get rid … Continued

Simplify: Project Declutter

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I’ve been mentioning in several posts about how we’ve taken on the task of going through each room in our house and decluttering. (I’ve gotten this idea from Money Saving Mom’s book.) We first gathered boxes together and labeled them … Continued