Take it on Tuesday: 52 Reasons I Love You cards

Welcome to Take it on Tuesday!! Here is my project:

52 Reasons I Love You Cards!

You’ve probably seen these cards around Pinterest:


I first pinned this idea in January and knew I wanted to do it for my hubby for Valentine’s Day! His love language is words and I don’t tell him enough why I love him and respect him. So, I decided to make this for him.

Only I didn’t get it done in time for Valentine’s Day. Sigh…

But, it’s done now. And. He. LOVES. It! It sits right at his computer, so he can every day or so, turn one of the pages and be reminded why I love and respect him so much.

This project took a long time…in part because I unsure as to how to create the phrases on the cards.


First, I developed a template (you can download it by clicking on the picture). I left it as a jpeg so you can add text:



Then, after talking to my “scrapbooking queen” mom, I decided I wanted it to have texture. Thanks to her, I used these supplies:


white & green cardstock, cards, brown ink, sponge, corner rounder, distressing sander block, 2-in. rings

Step 1:

Print out the 52 reasons I love and respect you onto white cardstock. Cut out the reasons, then add an aged look to the cards by using a sponge and applying ink.


Step 2:

Use double stick tape to stick to green cardstock. Cut out and add the aged look to the edges of the green cardstock.


Step 3:

Distress the cards using the distressing sander block. It’s really easy and adds such great texture to the cards! (Oh, and as I was distressing each card, my mom volunteered to ink the inside edges of the cards – see the look in the picture to the right?)


Step 4:

Punch holes in the each card. I was going to use just a standard hole punch, but then my mom showed me her crop-a-dile! Oh yeah! The hole punch was much smaller, so I used the crop-a-dile.


Step 5:

Use double stick tape to attach the green cardstock to the inside of the cards. Then, I threaded each card through the 2-inch rings. At the last minute, I added ribbons to the cards. I liked it at first, but then though it looked too girly to give to my husband.




  • Meeha

    Wow, thank you for the feature, Betsy, I’m smiling wider than the Joker right now :) Thanks a million!!
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    • BetsyPool

      HAhaha – you are welcome!! I look forward to see more projects of yours. :)

  • amy

    Thanks so much for the feature! Always love partying with you!

    • BetsyPool

      You are welcome! Feel free to grab a feature button!! I look forward to seeing more projects from you!

  • Peggy

    Hi Betsy, Thanks for hosting again this week. :-)
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    • BetsyPool

      You are welcome! Thanks for linking up!

  • Lindsay

    Thanks for hosting! Lovely party!
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    • BetsyPool

      Thanks for linking up!! I look forward to checking out your burlap book wreath. I am always inspired by your projects!

  • Megan

    Thanks so much for hosting such a great party. Megan
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  • Alison

    I have always wanted to make a “52 reasons I love you” cards deck too. How fun! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!
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    • BetsyPool

      You are welcome! I’m glad I finally finished it. It was on my list for awhile.

  • Debbie

    Thanks so much for hosting! I love coming here every week :)

    • BetsyPool

      You are welcome! I’m glad you visit each week!!

  • Sam

    If you wAnted to change your template to a different color, how would you go about doing that? Or how did you make the template so I can just replicate it and change the color? Thanks! Love this tutorial! Definitely less girly looking results than others I’ve seen

  • Sarah

    I was looking to age my cards and your idea is perfect, plus a template too! (I was still figuring out how I was going to do that). Thanks a million!!

  • Lowri McNabb

    Hi Betsy
    What a fabulous version of this project and thank you so much for linking it up to the 52 Reasons Website. I am sure it was a very treasured gift.
    Regards, Lowri

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  • Kylie Clayton

    I am trying to download the 52 reasons template but it doesn’t seem to be working. Is there a direct link to the template that we can use?

    i can’t wait to start this project!


    • Betsy Pool

      Well, I left it as a jpeg so you could just right click on the image and save picture as. Then, open it in an image editor and your own text!


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