Take it on Tuesday Blog Hop: House Tour


House Tour!

In addition to what I showed you last week (the kitchen and my comfort and joy banner), here are pictures of the rest of my house. It’s not grand by any means – we are newlyweds and working on a budget. I’m so thankful for what we have though – a warm, inviting home! (**I apologize for the lightening on these pictures – I’m doing the best I can with a camera phone. Anyone have tips for using a camera phone?)

This is what you see on arriving. Besides our wine bottle tree, we also have icicle lights around our outside window. It’s rather festive!

The stockings my mother-in-law gave us last year!

We have our Christmas tree right in front out our window. I like to have the shades open so I can see our Christmas tree as I am leaving or arriving. Here is also the wooden nativity set I bought while in the Philippines.

Our wall clock – now winter themed!! Here’s what it looked like before.


Finally, the little bit of Christmas on top of our piano.



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