Take it on Tuesday: Kindle Cover

DIY Kindle Cover image

DIY Kindle Cover

I loved the irony in the fact that this version starts with a hardcover book as the base.

Let me just say upfront – this was one of those TIOT projects in which I started the project, ran into a problem and procrastinated and procrastinated on. I REALLY wanted to have a finished product, but I was indecisive as to how to move on. I’ll tell you more precisely what I mean a little later, first…

Suppliessupplies image

– hardcover book
– fabric (about 1/3 yard)
– 3/8″ iron on adhesive tape (Heat & Bond)
– 3/8″ elastic
– iron
– Glue gun
– X-acto knife
– sandpaper


Step 1:

Cut out the pages of your book, using whatever means possible. (I first tried a regular knife, then had to use an X-acto knife.) It still was a bit hard, and the pages came out rough, so I used sandpaper to fix that.

cutting pages

Step 2:

Start following the steps laid out at Come Together Kids, then realize after the fact that you don’t have reversible fabric like in the tutorial. Then realize that since your fabric is not reversible, you would have cut it differently but you can’t because you are only using fabric scraps and are too cheap to buy more.

Step 3:

Put the project aside for a week. Be indecisive about how to continue.

Step 4:

Ask my husband what to do with the project. Tried to get involved in what my husband was doing in order to procrastinate.

Decide to just go for it and make it up as I go, using both the glue gun and the adhesive tape.

hot gluing fabric

First I glued down fabric on the inside, not caring about how much it overlapped to the back (above picture). Then, I hot glued the outside fabric on. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite wide enough (and I didn’t have a bigger piece of fabric). I used a clothespin to hold it in place as I went.

edges image

I found that I liked the adhesive tape a lot better for finishing the edges than the glue gun! I was so glad I had both!!

Step 5:

Before wrapping the outside layer around the edges to the front I added in the elastic to hold the Kindle in place.

adding elastic image

Step 6:

After finally getting all the elastic attached and finalizing the edges I decide NOT to tackle the pocket. That is a task for another day (if I choose to add it). Right now, I’m just very content to have one and let my Kindle sit on the elastic side. Doesn’t it look nice?

Kindle cover

Now the inside doesn’t look quite as pretty. There are still some rough edges. My husband suggested using ModPodge (or as he said it, “that glue you can put over the fabric, but would seep through and stick”). What do you all think? 

Is there a better way to finish it?

Should I add a pocket?

Come back Thursday for a frugal recipe for this week and Saturday! Thank you all! I LOVE seeing what you’ve been up to! Linking up at Today’s Creative Blog, Pinterest Party Challenge, and other parties here.




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