Take it on Tuesday Project: Decluttering and Organizing the Basement

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Up until this year we really haven’t invested in buying storage bins to use in our basement. We’ve been married 2 years – I figure now is about time!

We’ve kind of made it our habit to use the time right after Christmas to completely go through all we have in the basement and get rid of what we haven’t used and re-organize everything. Last year when we organized the basement, this was our result:


It’s more organized, but with only boxes – this was the best we could do. (By the way, that tall stack in the back is empty boxes we decided we needed to keep – don’t ask me why we kept that many…)


Well, as the year went on, the basement slowly started to gain more clutter… (isn’t that what always happens?) Mid-year we did install our old kitchen cabinets in the basement. That helped some, but the clutter still stacked up. This is how bad it was:

2013-01-04 22.47.45

I knew what decluttering and organizing the basement needed – storage bins!! We had money to buy some this year! 🙂 We bought three larger bins and three medium sized bins from Walmart. (Sorry no picture of just the bins.) I love that they are clear – thus allowing me to quickly scan them to see what’s in it.

basement after


Two of the red larger bins I used to put Christmas decor in, and the other red bin I put fall decor in. The small bins house Matt’s theater costumes, spring decor, and craft supplies. I brought the craft supplies downstairs from the spare room, which is going to be our baby’s room. (That post to come!)

We drastically cut back on the number of boxes we have (mainly getting rid of smaller or beat up boxes). We also broke down many boxes, to take up the least space.

We have no cutsy labels, but I know where everything is now, and I know what we have. I made a list of craft supplies and taped it on the outside of craft supply bin. It’s so nice when everything has a place and everything is in its place!

Once again, the before and after:


before and after basement '12


I LOVE the difference it has made. We have so much walking space in our basement now!!

Hope your week is going well. I would love to hear from you on what you’ve been working on. Please link up!!


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  1. Looks great!

  2. way to go! i feel the same way about my basement…no one ever sees it, but when it gets a bit carried away with boxes and things tossed that we don’t know what else to do with, I know it is there and it irks me…befores and afters are so great!
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