Totschool has begun!!

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This has been an exciting week (for me, haha and I hope for my toddler)!! We started Totschool on Monday and we are following the themes that Kaitlyn over at has planned. We might also incorporate the Fruits of the Spirit curriculum in the spring. (I’ve already purchased that from Leigh Ann over at Intentional by Grace!!)

Tot School Themes

And if you want great inspiration throughout the year, check out @totschool on instagram. I also will be posting our activities on instagram @amothersroad!

first day of totschool

This week we are studying colors! (And being slightly obsessive myself, we had to do it in rainbow color order, haha.) Monday – red, Tuesday – orange, Wednesday – yellow, Thursday – green, Friday – blue, Saturday – purple and rainbows. Most week I won’t have too much to do Saturday, but I needed to finish the rainbow this week. :’D


It’s so easy to incorporate and study color in your day. I took the time Sunday evening to gather all the small colored toys to put in their respective colored bins (or boxes). For each day I planned a sensory activity with the colored toys and then a second activity (something I had picked on Pinterest and pinned on my board weeks ago – just an easy way to plan!!). I also selected a few books on color to check out from the library (and half of them we already had on hand) – again just search on Pinterest for book lists!! Finally, I went to youtube and searched for songs on color! You also could just google it, or search google music if you have a subscription! Write it all down on the handy printable Kaitlyn provided and voila! You are ready! Here’s my written plan for this week (I didn’t use all the categories on the page, but it was very helpful!!):


First day – red

The first day set the tone for how the rest of the week would go. As soon as I got Ain up, I was already wearing my red shirt and we picked out a red shirt for him to wear. I announced it was red day and we would play with red toys!! As soon as we got downstairs I showed him the red toys he could play with (while I got breakfast prepped):

red toys

And, as you see above¬†I didn’t have a huge number of toys, but it’s at least something. Then, for breakfast we had oatmeal with red cherries in it (I didn’t have strawberries, but that was my first thought), in a red bowl, and water in his red cup! He also brought KC down to breakfast with him, since KC was red (the stuffed bear).

first day of totschool

Our second activity for the first day was this high-5 game. It was perfect, because it was repetitive while still being fun!!


Our second day:

The second day begin almost the same way. I introduced the day as orange day and we chose an orange shirt to wear. I didn’t really plan ahead to have oranges in the house, so we had to go shopping that morning after breakfast. As we were walking into the store, they had orange mums for sale out front. It was perfect – and Ain was the one who pointed it out to me!! It’s great when they go looking for that color throughout the day. ūüėÄ



So our lunch was able to have red and orange! We had oranges and orange marmalade and peanut butter sandwiches (in a heart shape). Our orange sensory play was more like a surprise box, because I covered it with orange tissue paper to start with! I buried all the orange toys in popcorn.

orange sensory play

Then, our second orange activity for Tuesday was orange play-doh with the orange toys. He had so much fun trying to use the scissors!:

orange play doh

Third day:

Today was yellow day!! I wanted to change things up for the sensory play time, so we added yellow!! (and a tiny bit of food coloring) I also squeezed lemon in the water. Then I added lemons, yellow toys and a yellow sponge. He loved the sponge!


Our second activity will be reading the Joseph story in the Bible and color a print out of Joseph wearing his coat of many colors.

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