Treat Yourself: Herbal Bath Teas

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As a mom, I have a new appreciation for taking long, luxurious baths…


especially when I can toss in a bath tea or two and let my body soak in moisturizing and soothing essential oils!! Such a treat!


bath tea


A fellow work-at-home mom I know, Megan, has been making and selling body care products with essential oils. Talk about brilliant!! Since I’ve been growing in my love for natural living I’ve definitely wanted to get into essential oils. I just need the money to spend ūüėõ and I’m all over it!

I had the opportunity to try out a few of Megan’s products (check out her fb page: Uplift Naturals¬†for more details)! She has so many: Sunscreen,¬†shower steamers, Aromatherapy necklaces,¬†lotion bars, sitz bath teas, and lip balm just to name a few. I really want to try out her bath salts!



Herbal Bath Teas

I first fell in love with this idea the day I gave birth to my son. New Birth Company has postpartum bath teas available for purchase and after being awake and in labor for 27 hours straight that was the best bath I’ve ever had!! I never really knew what was in that tea bag from NBC, but after trying out Megan’s bath teas I was reminded of that day. She MUST have used the same ingredients (or very similar).


bath teas 3


Megan’s bath teas are¬†Lavender and Chamomile and include oats, therapeutic grade lavender and chamomile essential oils, lavender buds and chamomile flowers! The oats are moisturizing to the skin and¬†just smelling lavender and chamomile is so calming!!

  • I just steeped 2 teas bags in water for 15 minutes, and then dumped the water and bags into my bath water. It was perfect!!

If you know anyone who is about to give birth, DEFINITELY buy them sitz bath teas to aid in postpartum healing. It comes with a reusable muslin bag you can fill with special postpartum herbs. You can brew some and add to a bath, put it in a peri bottle for postpartum care, or just pour some on pads and freeze them for soothing relief!!

Citrus Lavender Lip Balm

I loved how soothing and wonderful smelling this stuff is!! I could hold the lip balm up to my nose and smell it all day! It left my lips feeling smooth, but not oily. This lip balm includes beeswax, fractionated coconut oil, shea butter, aloe, vitamin e, and essential oils such as blood orange, orange, lavender, grapefruit, and lemon.

I would encourage you to check out Megan’s facebook page to see all the natural body care products she is making at Uplift Naturals!!

I SO love what Megan is doing – combining body care and essential oils. It’s giving yourself the excuse to treat yourself, and it’s affordable!!

***Disclaimer: Megan allowed me to try these products for free so I could review them. But the opinions are 100% mine!!