Week 21 of Pregnancy

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Hello all! It’s time for a pregnancy update! The weeks are going by fast now! Last week I shared how week 20 went. Today I’m going to share about how week 21 of pregnancy went!

Week 21

How I feel – A little tired – I may be fighting a cold. Other than that – it’s going great!

Waddling? – It’s still slight. I think on some days I waddle (when my hips are a little stiff), and sometimes I don’t.

Total weight gain/loss? – Didn’t gain anything this week. So I’m still at an 12 pound gain overall during this pregnancy, which is on track.

Sleep – It’s 50/50 on whether I sleep through the night, or I wake up at 5 or 6am.

Cravings – My appetite is more normal now, so I haven’t had a lot of cravings (other than for sugar).

Movement – YES!! I feel baby girl moving everyday, but my husband has still only felt her kick once. It’s so much fun to be in this stage when I feel her!!

Miss anything? – Not too much. Just wine and even most of the time it’s easy just not to think about it.

Wedding ring on or off? – Still on.

Best moment last week? – Taking a walk with my husband on the 65 degree day we had!

What I am looking forward to – Continuing to feel the baby and also my husband being able to feel baby girl kick even more.

Our little “June Bug’s” Growth

We’ve been taking photos since week 6 and showing a fruit or vegetable in the picture that is the same size as our little “June Bug”. Last week: our little girl was 10 inches in length (banana) and 10.5 ounces in weight. This week: 10.5 inches in length (carrot) and three quarters of a pound in weight.

Week 20Week 21


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