Week 22 of Pregnancy

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Hello all! It’s time for a pregnancy update! The weeks are going by fast now! Last week I shared how week 21 went. Today I’m going to share about how week 22 of pregnancy went!

Week 22

How I feel – This week I finally got sick for the first time since being pregnant. I thought I was going to make it through the flu season without catching anything. In fact, I think I was just bragging about it to someone last week – shoot! Wednesday and part of Thursday I had a fever and cold symptoms. Now I’m just constantly congested and coughing a little (mostly just a dry throat).

Waddling? – It’s still just a slight waddle.

Total weight gain/loss? – Gained 1 pound this week – now at a 13 pound gain overall.

Sleep – Twice this week I woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I think that’s what led to me succumbing to the fever and cold.IMG_20130215_204224

What do I do when I wake that early? Either surf the web or read a book on my phone. Then, when I know I’m not going to fall back asleep I get out of bed and sort through my pile of magazines I’m weeding out. I’m cutting out a few articles/recipes I want to keep, them I’m going to see if I can give these to someone else who want to read through them.

Movement – YES!! It’s so fun to feel her move and kick. I even felt hiccups for the first time this week!

Wedding ring on or off? – Still on.

Best moment last week? – Shopping at Home Goods with my husband. We walked through the kids section, oooh-ing and mostly aaaah-ing and the pink girly stuff. I took a picture of this adorable rocking chair:

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I was going to send it to the Grandparents and see who wanted to buy it for Baby Girl’s Nursery,

2 fabric bins

2 fabric bins

but when I checked back just 2 days later it was already gone!! Oh well, she wouldn’t have enjoyed the rocking chair for a while yet….but it would have looked really cute in her nursery!

What we DID buy at Home Goods:

– 4 adorable fabric bins (2 which we had to return since they were 1/4″ too wide)

– 20 baby pink hangers!!

Cravings – No cravings this week. Too sick to enjoy food for the most part. The night I had the fever I asked for ice cream, but my husband suggested I just finish my meal which I had put aside and forgotten. So, I finished my spaghetti instead.

What I am looking forward to – Working on putting the nursery together. Step 1 – covering the blue glider we have!

Our little “June Bug’s” Growth

We’ve been taking photos since week 6 and showing a fruit or vegetable in the picture that is the same size as our little “June Bug”. Last week: our little girl was 10.5 inches in length (carrot) and three quarters of a pound in weight. This week: 11 inches long and 1 pound in weight. (Picture to come soon – I’ve been too sick/busy to take a picture.)

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Week 22













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