Week 38 of Pregnancy

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Hello all! I finished week 38 of my pregnancy! Now just 6 more days until my due date – but we are as ready as we can be!!

How I feel

I’m satisfied at how ready we are. The nursery is done!! I’ve read the chapter about the first week of a baby’s life in Wonder Weeks and our bags are packed and residing in the car for the most part. I’m excited to see lots of family this weekend!! Next week my plan is just to relax, clean the house some, and maybe work on a hobby.

I went swimming yesterday and that felt good!! I definitely got adjusted to feeling buoyant because as I was stepping out of the pool – I DEFINITELY felt baby weight on my back again!! I probably will visit the swimming pool again next week.

I’ve been still feeling pretty good and sleeping pretty well (only waking up for about 1-2 hours each night). My feet are pretty swollen so I’m staying out of the heat and propping my feet up when I can! Little tasks this week seems like a lot more work!

I am, however, starting to feel nervous about going into labor…

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Total weight gain/loss? No weight gain this week, so overall I’ve gained 28 pounds. I’m pretty satisfied with that, if that is all I gain.

Movement – Yes, she continues to move a lot, especially when I’m lying in bed. I keep wondering if she has dropped, but since I can’t really tell, I’m assuming she has not. She is still in a head down position.

Hunger/Cravings – I’ve been drinking lots of Red Raspberry Tea infused water. So good!! And I’m making smoothies probably every other day. 🙂

Labor Signs? Nope, just Braxton Hicks contractions at this point. There have been a couple of times that I’ve had a stronger Braxton Hicks contractions, but since they are not regular at all – it’s not labor contractions.

Nursery Reveal
Nursery Reveal
Best moment this week?

Getting the nursery done and showing it off to friends and family!! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out by clicking on the picture!

What I am looking forward to

Getting to hold Baby Girl!! AND getting to see my husband hold her. AND sharing her name with everyone – I can’t wait!

Our little “June Bug’s” Growth

We’ve been taking photos since week 6 and showing a fruit or vegetable in the picture that is the same size as our little “June Bug”. Last week: our little girl was over 19 inches long and about 6.3 pounds in weight (papaya). This week: over 19.5 inches long and about 6.8 pounds in weight!


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