Week 39 of Pregnancy

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This week has gone by fast – I finished week 39 of my pregnancy! Today is my due date!

How I feel

We are ready, ready, ready! As of Sunday last weekend I have felt ready to go into labor. I think in part it’s because my extended family came into town and I just really realized “this is it” – my family is in town for a week – the week leading up to my due date. And now it’s here! I would really like Baby Girl to come before they leave town, but now it’s probably not going to happen. That’s okay – Baby Girl will come at the right time. I was reassured while reading and journaling yesterday that God is preparing me for the kind of labor I specifically will have. I love this quote from my Pregnancy journal:

“As you approach the final moments before baby’s arrival, there is one thing above all others that you can do to prepare. Set your mind on things above. Don’t look at the daily things nearly as much as you focus on the Lord and His plan for you. Rest easy. Trust in Him, Mom-to-be.”

This week I spent some time reorganizing and decluttering stuff in our basement. I went through all my teaching supplies and decor supplies and weeding through my magazine. I basically barely maintained the dishes (maybe next week I will thoroughly clean the house…).2013-06-14-09.52.27sm-500x402

I also made DIY Cloth Diaper Detergent and a Aleo Vera Wipe Solution (recipe below). See my diaper changing station on the pack ‘n play? We plan on using disposable diapers the first week and a half or so, then switching to cloth diapers.

Aloe Vera Wipes (from Warmies)

This recipe is soothing for mild skin irritations.

  • 1/4 cup Aloe Vera Gel
  • 2 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil  (Please be sure to use only pure essential oil – do NOT use synthetic oil.)
  • 2 cups Hot Water

Using a container or spray bottle with a tight lid, mix all ingredients, cover and shake to blend. Let mixture cool before use. You can spritz on each wipe prior to every use or pour solution over wipes inside wipes box to prepare several at a time.

Preparing for Labor

I have been walking every day, doing lunges, some squats, taking Evening Primrose Oil, and doing some pain coping exercises with ice cubes on my wrist – it’s very painful!!


Total weight gain/loss? I gained 4 pounds this week! Now, overall I’ve gained 32 pounds.

Movement – Yes, she continues to move a lot, especially when I’m lying in bed. Baby Girl definitely dropped Monday of this week. I was able to breathe easier during walks and have been going to the bathroom a LOT.

Hunger/Cravings – I’m still drinking lots of Red Raspberry Tea infused water. So good!

Labor Signs? All this week we have been anticipating signs of labor, but nothing yet.

Best moment this week?

I was proud of myself for making the DIY Cloth Diaper Detergent and Aloe Vera Wipe Solution! But I think my favorite moment will be going on a date with my husband tonight – to the movie theater!!

What I am looking forward to

Getting to hold Baby Girl!! AND getting to see my husband hold her. AND sharing her name with everyone – I can’t wait!

Our little “June Bug’s” Growth

We’ve been taking photos since week 6 and showing a fruit or vegetable in the picture that is the same size as our little “June Bug”. Last week: our little girl was over 19.5 inches long (lemon grass) and about 6.8 pounds in weight. This week: 20 inches long and weighs a little over 7 pounds (mini watermelon)! Yep – got my hair cut!


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  1. marmee

    Love the quote you posted. Which reminded me of a book you and Matt read when you were first together. Something about putting God before the person you dated/married. So it makes sense to put God’s plan before due date in one’s mind while praying for easy delivery. Which I will work harder on right now because I am so very excited to meet her!

    • Betsy Pool

      You are right! That’s a great way to put it into words – “putting God’s plan before the due date in one’s mind”. 🙂