Week 40 of Pregnancy

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So, now I just finished week 40 pregnancy! My due date was June 14th. We’ll see how long Baby Girl wants to stay cozy – I want to see her and hold her!

How I feel

Waiting….waiting….My husband is home all week on Baby leave – even though there is no baby yet. His work needs him back on July 1st, so he started his two weeks off this week. We’ve been doing little things here and there around the house, but I’m relaxing for the most part. We’ve made this waiting time fun. Tuesday we went walking around the Kauffman Memorial Gardens – they are so pretty!!

2013-06-18 17.42.21smAppointments

Tuesday and Friday we had appointments with New Birth Company. Baby Girl did very well for both non stress tests and that made me feel good.

I have a very encouraging  support team!! I’ve been talking with my doula and have felt encouraged. She reminded me that according to one study the average first time mom goes to 41 weeks and 1 day. And that only less than 3 in every 100 moms go over 42 weeks. I think that’s my fear – If I let things go naturally, Baby Girl won’t be born before 42 weeks and then I would have to be transferred to a hospital birth.

My husband has also been great. He doesn’t want me to worry or stress over when the baby would come. God has the perfect timing. We’ve just been staying active (and resting when I need it), keeping positive, and distracted from worry.

Well, it’s in God’s hands, but I have high hopes now that Baby Girl will come before or next Monday. Sunday is the super moon – the biggest full moon of the year! Maybe Baby Girl is waiting for that.

I have an appointment to go to New Birth Company tomorrow for a membrane sweep, and then I’m also going to try acupuncture! It’s going to be a full day. Then we have another non stress test scheduled for Monday.


Total weight gain/loss? I gained 2 pounds this week! Now, overall I’ve gained 34 pounds.

Movement – Yes, she continues to move a lot, especially when I’m lying in bed (or after eating). She certainly has been moving up a storm for both of the non stress tests!

Hunger/Cravings – Cookie dough. We made some egg-less cookie dough this week to put in vanilla ice cream – it’s SOOO good!!

Labor Signs? All this week we have been anticipating signs of labor. Wednesday I had contractions semi-consistently but not frequently enough. Since then I’ve only had a few contractions.

Our little “June Bug’s” Growth

We’ve been taking photos since week 6 and showing a fruit or vegetable in the picture that is the same size as our little “June Bug”. Here are all the photos we took!!


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  1. Carrie @ In the sweet sunshine

    The membrane sweep did it for me! I went into labor about 30 hours after they did it with my first (she ended up being 8 days overdue) and about 15 hours after they did it for my second (she was 6 days over). Yay you’re so close! Can’t wait to hear!