Welcome to the World Ain Levi Pool!

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Welcome Baby Boy!

baby Ain


Boy, were you a surprise! Ain Levi Pool (pronounced ‘long A’ and the word ‘in’) was born on Monday, June 24th. His names mean ‘Merciful’ and “Gift of God’. He certainly is a gift. But, he was a surprise as we were expecting a girl (that’s what the 18 week sonogram showed).

He was 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 21 inches long – same size as his Daddy when he was born! It was a LONG labor – 27 hours and 21 of those hours I was in active labor! I am so thankful to have given birth at the New Birth Company in Overland Park and to have the staff there, my doula Brooke, and my husband as great supporters. I definitely could not have done it without them! The hardest part about it was that I only had 3 hours of sleep going into it and so by the time it came to pushing I was EXHAUSTED! But I made it.


new birth company family shot


Above is a picture of Ain just 3 hours old – when family came to visit!! They brought gifts of boy clothes and blankets. We are SO THANKFUL for generous friends and family during this time!!

We so enjoyed Ain’s first week – Matt had the week off work. So, we took lots of pictures and video of cute, adorable Ain:

baby ain 2


Isn’t he the cutest baby ever!? We have had some breastfeeding struggles, so the first week was spent meeting with lactation consultants and the New Birth Company and visiting Ain’s pediatrician a couple of times. Good news – by the age of 1 week Ain weighed 8 pounds!!

Daddy, little Ain, and I have enjoyed walks on our wonderfully mild evening and even enjoyed a band concert at South Park!

baby ain 3


We are doing a little better with breastfeeding now. Momma loves to see this satisfied face:


baby ain 4
My mom helped me put away all the girls clothes and Matt helped start to organize all the boy stuff we have. I’ll be posting pictures of the girls nursery turned boys nursery soon. And here’s where I shared my birth story!


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  1. Mindy

    So sweet! Congrats Betsy. You are going to be a wonderful mother.

  2. Marmee

    Ain is so precious! Keep up the good work breastfeeding. :^) Let me know if I can help with anything-anything at all!

  3. Leslie @ ASG in the SLC

    Welcome to the world precious Ain! He is beautiful! Good for you keeping at the nursing, we struggled at first as well but we got the hang of it and never looked back. :o)