Why turning 2 is so hard…

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Ain, I love you so much. You are such a precious boy and such a wonderful gift of God to us. I want to remember your 2nd birthday party forever.

We started the day with breakfast while watching Winnie the Pooh (while Daddy was getting the last few things set up for the party).


I want to remember the look of wonder on your face as we showed you our backyard all set up for the picnic and water party. The look of pure joy when you saw Pooh bear, piglet, and a new friend Tigger set out on the table.




I love that I was prepared enough for your party, that I was able to fully be there at the party. I didn’t want to miss you checking out every new thing in our backyard. I love how you spent time sitting in each kid lawn chair, you splashing in the kiddie pool, and how you explored every moving part of the water table. Things are so much fun to experience when you see them with the eyes of a child.


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We were blessed by the presence of so many friends and family. You played with your friends and you just enjoyed watching them play.



The water obstacle course was definitely enjoyed by all!!



I kept it simple and made your favorites for lunch: Peanut Butter and jelly sandwiches, pesto pasta, and a fruit rainbow (of course, I also had additional options for the adults).



Then, one of my favorite moments of the day – singing happy birthday and the cake. I want to always remember you leaning forward to blow out that candle!!

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For dessert, you had your first “cake” – it was really a cake parfait, sweetened only with fruit sugars. But you loved it and asked for a second serving.

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After we cleared everything up, we gathered inside with family to open your gifts. Everything was a joy for you (even the tissue paper and gift bags) and we had to put each gift in your big castle tent in order for you to be focused enough to open the next gift (otherwise we would be there for a long time).

I loved watching you open and give Eeyore big hugs. That was one of your favorite gifts.



Afterwards, you pushed your new chair into your castle tent, just to take it all in. Your joy gave joy to so many people in that room and it was bursting with happiness in those minutes. I want to remember that feeling in the room and remember this day for a long time.



I know each stage in your childhood will be fun, but I want to savor the times I have with you. You are not my youngest anymore. I thought after today you would not be my baby anymore, but for at least a little bit longer you are still my baby. You still need my hugs when you fall. You still ask for kisses and for me to pick you up. I’m certainly going to cherish that for as long as I can.

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And I’m going to cherish this age of yours for as long as I can. I hope this next year goes by slowly. As your Daddy said, “I miss the baby you were, love the boy you are, and look forward with joy to the man you will become.”



You are so loved!!