Day 2: Cleaning List

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Welcome back to 31 Days to Building a Cleaning Routine! On Monday I listed out some of the processes I’ll be blogging about this month. I also talked about how to figure out what margin time you have available to start your cleaning routine.

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Day 2 task: Create a Cleaning List

In order to create my cleaning list, I spent some time googling cleaning checklists and thinking about my particular situation. I live in a townhome with 3 levels and mostly wood floors.

Step 1: Brainstorm

Sit down with a clean piece of paper and just write and write the things you want to clean until you can’t come up with anything else. Then google and see if there is anything else to add to the list.

Step 2: Identify Frequency

Next to each cleaning task, mark how often you would like to accomplish it. Keep in mind your schedule and the fact that you could enlist others to help you. I wrote these letters next to each task:







Then I counted how many daily and weekly tasks and made sure I had a reasonable amount. I knew I didn’t want to have more than 2-3 weekly tasks per day.

Step 3: Assign Days to complete weekly tasks based on your schedule

Mondays my day is free until 1pm. It’s really nice to have that time after the weekend to straighten the house and do laundry. So I assigned the weekly tasks of Laundry, Living Room, Dusting & Cleaning off Dressers to Mondays.

Tuesdays are my errand days, so I don’t have time for too much housework. My weekly tasks are Grocery Shopping and Bathrooms. Since bathrooms are my least favorite cleaning task, I try to be sure I tackle that early, so that nagging task is done and I feel so much more energized to go shopping!

The others days I kept my schedule in mind while assigning weekly tasks as well:

Wednesdays are a big blog day (because it follows my TIOT linky party)

Thursdays I don’t have time for much housework

Fridays I am home most of the day and often doing a lot of cooking, so I focus on cleaning the kitchen

Saturdays I want to tackle bigger, ongoing projects (or a monthly cleaning task)

Sundays I take off (besides dishes & tidying).

Step 4: Create a table

I put my daily & weekly tasks on one paper and my monthly & infrequent tasks on another paper. I made both of them a pdf so you can print these off. Again, if you want a blank version, just email me and ask! Here is what my pages look like:


Isn’t it awesome? I love to check things off, so I just check off if I accomplished the tasks for that day. If there is something I still need to tackle, I will circle it and hope to get to it another day.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Day 3 task: Set alarms to tackle tricky tasks

Tomorrow I will be talking about the importance of setting alarms, especially when you are trying to build a new habit. I set some alarms on my phone so that I will get to bed on time, and thus wake up energized and ready to go.

See you tomorrow!



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