Day 4: Motivation to Stick to it!

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Welcome back to 31 Days to Building a Cleaning Routine! (Just visit this link to catch up!)

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Day 4 task: Stick to it!

How it your week going? I know by Thursday I’m feeling pretty tired. In fact, Thursdays are tiring and I’m gone from home the longest.

I just wanted to show you how I keep track of my Cleaning Routine progress. Tuesday, I showed you the cleaning routine pdf.

I can use this one page for a whole month if I just divide each box in half. See below:

cleaning routine check marks

I check off each thing as I accomplish it. If there is a weekly task I don’t get done by the end of the day, then I will circle it and try to tackle it first the next day.

You can see that I didn’t dust the dressers on Monday, but I did finish it on Tuesday. Also, I didn’t clean the bathrooms Tuesday, but I’ll will make sure I get it done today.

Is there something in particular you are having a hard time accomplishing?

Motivation 7 Ways!

Maybe checking things off a list is not motivating for you. Here are some other ideas:


1) Come up with a mantra or a slogan. Find something that makes you really happy. I love the mantra:

“A place for everything and everything in its place.”

This ideal pushes me to take steps towards this goal.


2) Set a timer for 15-30 and just go! Knock out whatever cleaning you can! Play beat the clock – do as much as you can.


3) Try a new product!

Next week I will begin sharing some of the cleaning recipes I’ve tried – I’m so excited!!


4) Set a deadline by inviting someone over. Be sure to give yourself enough time. In fact, plan on having everything done a day ahead of time, or with a few hours to spare.


5) Give yourself a reward – maybe an equal amount of time reading a book, or something you enjoy. 30 minutes of cleaning and 30 minutes of quiet, reading a book!


6) Put on some music to get you moving!


7) Read this article: 16 Ways to Get motivated when you’re in a slump


The main thing I want to stress it KEEP TRYING. Stay motivated and take baby steps. Trying adding one thing at a time to your routine.

The first week I tried my cleaning routine, all I accomplished was the dishes everyday, vacuuming once and cleaning the bathrooms once. Since I hate cleaning the bathrooms, I was very pleased with my progress.


BONUS: Cleaning Routine Blank Document

What to see another Cleaning Routine Document you can print out and fill out? Here’s a great one from Small Notebook.

See you tomorrow!


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    • Betsy Pool

      Yep, I love check lists and I’m glad I’m not the only “weird one”, as my husband calls it. 🙂